“I like Song Ga-in” Song Ga-in “I was good at singing without giving up”

[Reporter Shin Young-eun, Daily Economy Star Today]

In ‘I like Song Ga-in, Song Ga-in’, Song Ga-in showed infinite love for Trot.

Song Ga-in said in the recent SBS FiL ‘I like Song Ga-in, Song Ga-in’, “to me, a trot is healing and healing that has some power.”

“Many people say that they have been healed after listening to my songs, but every time I hear those words, I don’t give up and I think that I am good at singing.” see. She added that it has the power to sublimate with laughter as well as healing.

Song Ga-in also introduced the most special song to herself. “This time a new song came out. There is a ballad-style song called ‘Forbidden Love’, although it is a love and farewell song, but because it is sung with a trot, you can feel the han. It seems that it is a song where you can meet Song Ga-in with a different feeling.” “There is a song called ‘Geomun Goya’ of an exciting traditional trot. It is a song that adds emotion and excites me when I sing.”

‘I like Song Ga-in, Song Ga-in’ is a special gift for the Lunar New Year holiday prepared by Song Ga-in. As a special show to comfort those who can’t see the nostalgic family during the Lunar New Year holidays, the song Ga-in wants to sing and the songs that Song Ga-in wants to hear will provide a rich stage. It will be broadcast on SBS FiL on the 12th (Fri) at 2:00 PM, and you can check it on SBS MTV at 4:00 PM on the same day.



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