‘King of Mask Singer’ New Year’s Special, Comprehensive Gift Set Revealed… ‘Mystery Blood Fight’

[Reporter Shin Young-eun, Daily Economy Star Today]

MBC’s “King of Mask Singer,” which will air on Sunday, will begin the solo stage of four masked singers who predicted the best-ever performance and the stage of “Zipkok”, the defending champion, the king of emerging singers in the opposite world.​

Following last week’s Lunar New Year special, ‘King of Mask Singer’ will be Choi Sung-soo, ‘Love of Grass Leaf’ and ‘King of Singers’ The One, ‘Original Voice Queen’ As One Min, ‘Professional Judgment Team’ Hyun-young, Soran Ko Young-bae, Comedian Park Sung-ho & Ahn Il-kwon & Oh Na-mi & Kim Ki-ri, ‘Singer Song writing Idol’ Jeong Se-woon and LOONA members Hee-jin and Hyun-jin.

This week, a big event will be held in the judging panel of the “King of Mask Singer” to mark the Lunar New Year special. It is an event where a judge who successfully deduced the identity of a masked singer can bring a gift. It is said that the mystery event, which was supported by judges with the same event as last Christmas, overheats the reasoning competition of judges with a richer gift configuration for the Lunar New Year. In addition, unexpected people monopolize big gifts and envy the judges. It is curious to see what the judges’ reasoning fight for gifts will look like, and who will be the biggest beneficiary of this event.

On the other hand, the singers who received rave reviews since last week’s duet broadcast. Internet users showed more interest than ever with reactions such as “Actually all rounds are singing,” and this week’s solo stage of masked singers is also as bloody as a duet stage. Attention is focusing on whether the challengers will be able to continue the “Chunchu Kingdom Era” by defeating King ‘Zipkok’, and on what stage they will capture the eyes and ears.

Amid the solo stages of more powerful people than ever, a masked singer kills the hearts of female judges with a single tone. Shin Bong-sun, who saw the stage, praised the masked singer, saying, “It’s a very precious voice,” and other judges also praised him with standing ovation. It is curious to see who the masked singer was who impressed the judges and what kind of song he/she would have captured the hearts of women.​

The solo stage of the four masked singers who threaten the king “Zipkok” and the performance of the judges, and the Lunar New Year special event can be found at 6:20 p.m. on Sunday the 14th.



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