Lovelyz Seo Ji-soo reveals 10cm ‘Pet’ cover video

[Reporter Shin Young-eun, Daily Economy Star Today]

Lovelyz Seo Ji-soo delivered a sweet excitement.

On the 11th at 9 pm on the 11th, Seo Ji-soo released the cover video of ‘Pet’ of ten centimeters (10 cm) through the YouTube channel of ‘Woollim The Live’ and KT OTT ‘Seezn’.

In the released video, Seo Ji-soo appeared wearing a cozy knitted dress, boasting an innocent and elegant visual, and focused attention.

In particular, despite being the first vocal cover, Seo Ji-soo captivated the eyes and ears of viewers with a sweet tone and cute expression, and made fans’ hearts flutter by offering a different charm from the original song with a unique lively energy.

Also, Seo Ji-soo said, “I like dogs so much, and I wanted to approach you with the feeling of a cute girlfriend like a dog. I tried to create a different feeling by mixing my feelings with the ten centimeter senior’s feelings.”

‘Woollim The Live 3’ is a live video content presented by artists belonging to Woollim Entertainment, offering a special sound to fans with higher quality images, a richer lineup, and a variety of configurations than last season.

Meanwhile, ‘Woollim The Live 3’is available every Thursday and Friday at 9 pm on the YouTube channel of ‘Woollim The Live’ and the KT OTT ‘Seezn’ app.


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