‘My Little Old Boy’ Nam-gung Min, special MC appeared

[Reporter Shin Young-eun, Daily Economy Star Today]

Nam-gung Min, an actor who believes and sees, appears in SBS ‘My Little Old Boy’, which is broadcast during the Lunar New Year holidays.

In ‘My Little Old Boy’, which airs on the 14th, Nam-gung Min will show off the special chemistry with mothers and charm full of ‘human beauty’ hidden in perfect acting skills.

When actor Nam-gung Min, who won the grand prize of honor at the ‘2020 SBS Drama Awards’, appeared, mothers poured out praise for the storm, saying, “Your eyes are alive”, “Your voice is really special”, and “You act too well.” As a result, Nam-gung Min gave a warm smile with a humble appearance, saying, “I think I have received all the compliments I will receive for a year.”

After that, Nam-gung Min made everyone confused (?) by confessing an anecdote about the reversal of her aching younger brother. He expressed his gratitude to the banker’s younger brother who made Nam-gung Min who is now, but he said, “I manage my money,” and confessed to shock that he left the deposits to another bank, making the studio a sea of laughter.

On the other hand, Nam-gung Min also introduced a funny anecdote that was misunderstood as a ‘psycho pass’ (?) to actor Park Sung-woong because of his excellent acting skills. In addition, she even revealed the story of her mother who frustrated her son’s dream with a cold rush of saying, “You are not a special person.”

The human appeal of Nam-gung Min, the ‘Grand Actor’ who completely captivated her heart, can be found on SBS ‘My Little Old Boy’ at 9:05 pm on Sunday the 14th.



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