“Mysterious Record Shop” “Jang Yun-jung would become a businesswoman or politician if she was born in the Joseon Dynasty”

[Reporter Shin Young-eun, Daily Economy Star Today]

Wendy’s elegant figure in Hanbok for the Lunar New Year at the “Mysterious Record Shop” catches the eye. A guest-invited historian gives sincere advice to Wendy, saying, “You should play, Wendy,” sparking curiosity.

Famous historians Park Dae-hee, Park Sung-joon, and Shin Hyun-gap will appear on JTBC’s “Mysterious Record Shop” (planned JTBC/produced by SM C&C STUDIO/directed by Kim Ji-sun), which will solve everything from 4MC Yoon Jong-shin, Jang Yoon-hyun and Wendy. In addition, it is expected to provide healing time for those who share their life songs.

A guest who wants to attend the New Year’s most was invited to the “Mysterious Record Shop.” Park Dae-hee, a representative naming expert in Korea, Park Sung-joon, a feng shui consultant and historian who reads the energy of people and land, and Shin Hyun-gap, who will help a historian with experience in solving many celebrities’ fortune, appeared with unusual energy.

Wendy, who wore Hanbok and was excited after a long time, asked the three historians if they could grasp the character of 4MC with her first impression. Park Dae-hee, a historian, told Kyu-hyun, “His ears are very handsome. “I think I might have listened to other people and had a good family education. “In fact, I was going to use my stage name as my homecoming,” Kyu-hyun said with a smile.

“If you were born in the Joseon Dynasty, you would be a woman of politics and business,” said Shin Hyun-gap, a historian. “You can live as a mother of many people,” she said. “Mom, I’m a fan.” Jang Yoon-jung was embarrassed and said, “There was a son I didn’t know,” which drew laughter.

Wendy was very nervous when it was her turn. Park Dae-hee said to Wendy, “She has a good personality and a strong drive,” and Wendy said, “That’s right!” with a series of exclamations.

Historians Park Sung-joon and Shin Hyun-gap added, “Wendy looks bright, but she has a strong sense of responsibility,” and gave sincere advice, saying, “It will work out well even if you put your mind down a little bit,” and “You really have to play.”

On the other hand, during the time of sharing her life song in earnest, Park Dae-hee confessed that she is a fan of Yoon Jong-shin, who participated as a guest vocalist and his debut song, 015B’s “On the Empty Street.” The song drew attention as it contained the beautiful beauty of Yoon Jong-shin when he was 22 years old. Jang Yoon-jung and Kyu-hyun were surprised by the unexpected voice of 22-year-old Yoon Jong-shin, leaving comments of appreciation, saying, “Oh my, it’s so different” and “You look like a baby.”

Park Dae-hee then said the reason why Yoon Jong-shin’s second album title song “Your Wedding” was a hit, “If a really handsome person had sung it, the sadness wouldn’t have been there.” When Yoon Jong-shin heard it, he replied, “I think you’re anti-Ti,” which made everyone laugh.

In addition, special stories will unfold, including episodes of Kyu-hyun becoming a noble of historian Shin Hyun-gap and stories of Yoon Jong-shin’s “Like It” becoming a popular song for obstetrics and gynecology. In particular, the legendary live stage, which was achieved with the enthusiastic wishes of the guests, can also be seen today (12th) at the “Mysterious Record Shop.”

Meanwhile, “Mysterious Record Shop” airs every Friday night at 9 p.m. as a music entertainment show featuring guests tied up with common jobs with Yoon Jong-shin, Jang Yoon-jung, Kyu-hyun and Wendy 4MC to introduce “Life Story” and “Life Song.”



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