‘The granddaughter of the founder of Ottogi’ Ham Yeon-ji “The first meeting with my mother-in-law, I was honestly scared” (Ssulvibal)

[Reporter Shin Young-eun, Daily Economy Star Today]

Ham Yeon-ji said about her first meeting with her parents-in-law.

KBS Joy’s first broadcast on the 11th was the first guest, the eldest daughter of current chairman Ham Young-jun and musical actor Ham Yeon-ji.

The first balance theme of ‘Ssulvival’ was ‘Mother-in-law’. Ham Yeon-ji revealed an anecdote related to her mother-in-law. Ham Yeon-ji recalled, “I first met my mother-in-law in my early twenties. I was young at the time, and I heard a lot of stories that many mother-in-law bother their daughter-in-law. So, I remember I was too nervous even though I was good at it.”

Next, Ham Yeon-ji added, “She’s so sweet and you are in Germany.” The MCs said, “You are blessed”.



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