‘What should I do’ PD “I will convey warm interest, sympathy, and comfort”

[Reporter Shin Young-eun, Daily Economy Star Today]

The first broadcast of the counseling talk program “What should I do” for those who are in “extreme agony” is three days away.

MBN’s “Extreme Counseling Center – What should I Do” (hereinafter “What should I Do”) which will premiere at 11 p.m. on the 15th (Monday) is an extreme worry “episode” solution talk program that solves problematic relationships together. In an era where empathy and comfort are more urgent than ever, dynamic stories and life-oriented counseling of people who cannot talk about their worries or make a firm decision at the crossroads of choice will add freshness.

In particular, the production team of “Amazing Story-Actual Situation” is said to have regrouped as “story” rather than “incident,” raising expectations.
Following the “real situation,” producer Ryu Seung-min, who directed “What should I do?” said, “I’ve been hearing heartbreaking stories that are hard to believe in real life.” As a result, I naturally wanted to do a program that could give strength to the sender, so I planned “What should I do?” and expressed his intention to plan.

“I thought what I desperately need for those who are struggling with extreme worries is not a realistic solution, but ‘warm interest’, ‘sympathy’ and ‘comfort’, and trying to show its power is the point of differentiation of the program,” a client said.

On the other hand, Kim Sung-joo and Lee Yoo-ri have previously been confirmed as MCs and are drawing attention as they said they will become “healing counselors” for people who are hurt and shed tears in their daily lives. Kim Sung-joo, who is loved for her strong talk and sense, said, “I am trying to express sympathy rather than opinion because I think listening to others’ stories is comforting and helpful,” and expressed her special will, saying, “I will participate in the program with the hope that the client who sent the story can get any help.”

Lee Yoo-ri, who is showing her presence with her unique sense of entertainment, said, “It came to be attractive that we sympathize and comfort each other about our worries. I think it’s important to be in the person’s shoes and sympathize with them enough,” he added. In this regard, it seems to be helpful to experience various characters through many dramas,” she said, raising expectations by foretelling special counseling based on empathy acquired through his work.

On top of that, Hong Hyun-hee and Jung Sung-ho will also join as healing counselors to boost the vitality of the program. The two not only empathize with each story and pour out their emotions like their own, but also show off irreplaceable chemistry through Tikitaka, raising questions about the broadcast.

MBN’s counseling talk program, “Extreme Counseling Center-What should I do,” will premiere at 11 p.m. on the 15th (Monday).



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