‘Future class’ population dead cross problem and solution search

[Reporter Shin Young-eun, Daily Economy Star Today]

A special lesson, titled “Problems and Solutions of Population Dead Cross”, will be given in “Future Class.”

On the 14th episode of tvN’s “Future Class” (directed by Park Ji-eun, Lee Ji-yoon, Yang Jin-woo, and Song Dong-hwan), which will air at 7:40 p.m. on the 15th, a lecture will be held under the theme of “Problems and Solutions of Population Dead Cross.” Shin Kyung-ah, a sociology professor at Hallym University and Jeon Young-soo, a professor at Hanyang University’s Graduate School of International Studies, plan to seek solutions to the crisis and opportunities of population decline.

The term “dead cross” refers to a natural decrease in the population as the number of deaths is higher than the number of births. Last year, Korea’s resident registration population decreased by 20,000 for the first time in history, causing a population dead cross, and the government is actively taking measures to resolve the population cliff by operating a third population policy task force.

In the broadcast on this day, we will have a closer look at the cases of Japan, which suffered from low birth rates, aging population, and population decline before Korea, and we will have time to predict the future of Korea based on this. Professor Shin Kyung-ah said, “The rate of decline in Korea’s birth rate is three times faster than that of Japan,” and suggests various measures to overcome the causes and negative aspects of low birthrates. Interviews with Dink people – who decided to live without having a single child- and discussions on non-marriage issues, which have recently increased interest, are also expected to draw attention.

Professor Jeon Young-soo explains the current economic, employment, and real estate issues, such as the growing social burden caused by the population cliff and the deepening population concentration in the Seoul metropolitan area despite the population decline, in light of Japan’s past and present. It is rumored that Hong Seok-cheon, Kim Ji-min, and Daniel, as well as Kim So-hyun and Seo Yu-ri, who joined the panel on the day, shared their experiences of marriage, childbirth and childcare, while greatly sympathizing with the seriousness of the population decline.

tvN’s “Future Class” is a monthly lecture program that listens to the wisdom of scholars of our time and explores new ways of life in the post-Corona world. Marking the post-corona era, scholars from various fields of our time will give lectures on our lives, which will change to the most curious topics every month, including vaccines and education.



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