‘Radio Show’ Hani “Income per month? I call a luxury taxi and have a beef dinner.”

[Intern reporter Kim Yeji on Daily Economy Star Today]

Hani (Ahn Hee-yeon), from EXID group, released one month’s income.

Hani appeared as a guest in KBS Cool FM’s ‘Park Myung-Soo’s Radio Show’ (hereinafter ‘Radio Show’) corner ‘The Delicate World of Occupation’ broadcasted on the 15th.

On this day, DJ Park Myung-soo asked, “Does Hani have any idea of wanting to be a radio DJ?” and Hani said, “I have interest. But as you can see, it will be difficult because there is nothing good.”

Park Myung-soo asked, “Then, I’ll move on to the official question. How much is my income per month?” Hani said, “I did a lot of performances in the past (due to the COVID-19).

“It’s wall by wall. If you try to take a taxi at dawn in Gangnam, you can’t get caught. But recently, I called a luxurious taxi. I earn that much. I feel satisfied with my efforts in this kind of thing.” When asked “Can I eat beef with the staff for a dinner,” she replied, “I think I can live four times a month with about 7 staff.”

On the other hand, on the 18th, Hani will return to KBS2 with Park Myung-soo and Kim Soo-mi and SKY entertainment ‘Sumi Lodge’. In the Kakao TV web drama ‘Still Not Thirty’, which airs for the first time on the 23rd, she will perform as an announcer in the role of Iranian Ju, who succeeded at a young age.


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