TXT X ENHYPHEN ‘PLAYGROUND’, global ‘Big Hit’ success

[Reporter Se-yeon Park, Daily Economy Star Today]

Big Hit Labels artists TXT and ENHYPEN, who lead the “fourth generation idol,” met to show synergy effect. It is through “PLAYGROUND,” a Lunar New Year special entertainment show produced by Big Hit Three Sixty, a subsidiary of Big Hit Entertainment (hereinafter referred to as “Big Hit”), which produces performances and media content.

As a result, Big Hit has consolidated its position as a comprehensive entertainment company with the ability to produce TV-based content as well as being at the center of leading the “fourth generation idol” in the music industry.

■ ‘4th Generation Idol’ is also a big hit…Powerful Big Hit Labels

TXT and ENHYPEN appeared on “PLAYGROUND,” which was specially produced for the Lunar New Year on the 11th and 12th, showing their pleasant charm.

It was broadcast on JTBC2.

TXT and ENHYPEN, who appeared together for the first time on an entertainment program, showed extraordinary chemistry and provided fresh fun to fans around the world. Shortly after the broadcast, TXT and ENHYPEN as well as the program’s title “PLAYGROUND” were on the real-time trend around the world on Twitter.

The meeting between TXT, the representative of “4th generation idol,” and ENHYPEN, the best rookie of 2020, drew the attention of fans around the world. Big Hit Labels artists have been on the same stage through a joint concert “2021 NEW YEAR’S EVE LIVE Presented by Weverse,” but this was the first time that only two teams appeared and worked together, drawing more expectations from fans.

TXT, the band debuted in 2019, drew attention as soon as Big Hit appeared as a boy group released six years after BTS. Upon the band’s debut, TXT swept the rookie awards at various music awards, “2020 MAMA (Mnet Asian Music Awards),” the 35th Golden Disc Awards with Curaprox, and the 30th High1 Seoul Music Awards. He won the main prize in ‘The Grand Prize’ in succession.

TXT, who stood out among the debut groups in 2019, swept Japan’s Oricon Daily and Weekly Album Chart with their first full-length Japanese album “STILL DREAMING” released on the 20th of last month. In addition, the boy band’s third mini-album “minsisode1 : Blue Hour,” which was released in October last year, has emerged as a “major trend” overseas, ranking 25th on the Billboard main album chart “Billboard 200.”

ENHYPEN is also active as the hottest rookie of 2020. They debuted in November last year at the 2020 The Fact Music Awards, the 35th Golden Disc Awards with Curaprox, the 10th Gaon Chart Music Awards, and the 30th High1 Seoul Music Awards. Even ‘Grand Prize’ is showing its presence by winning four rookie awards in two months after its debut.

■ Self-production of contents → Broadcasting…Big Hit Demonstrates Ability to Produce Programs

“PLAYGROUND” is also drawing attention in that Big Hit Entertainment has proven the capabilities of TV broadcasting-class content producers beyond the meeting of two groups representing “fourth-generation idols.”

Big Hit Three SIXTY, which develops performance and media content business, planned the program by grasping the team characteristics of TXT and ENHYPEN, and did not miss various attractions and fun in the process, raising fans’ satisfaction. It has enhanced quality and completeness of contents by adding unique and solid composition and sizeable set.

In the meantime, Big Hit Three Sixteen has produced a variety of video contents, including “Run BTS,” “In the Forest,” “Break the Silence: The Movie,” “TO DO X TOMORROW X TOGETHER” by TXT and ENHYPEN’s “ENHYPE N&HI.” It poured its know-how accumulated while continuing the performance and media content business of Big Hit Labels artists into “PLAYGROUND.”

“PLAYGROUND” has also led to the formation of a comprehensive TV channel for the Lunar New Year holiday, thanks to Big Hit Three Sixty’ outstanding production capabilities and the “strong IP power” that stars Big Hit Labels artists.

As Big Hit plans to continue to expand its content business to Big Hit Labels artists, attention is being paid to whether it will expand its scope as a content producer in name and reality.


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