BTS’ new song ‘Film Out’… As the theme song for the Japanese movie ‘Signal’ [Official]

[Reporter Han Hyun-jung, Daily Economy Star Today]

A new song from ‘BTS’ will be the theme song for the Japanese movie ‘Signal’.

According to Japanese media such as Oricon on the 16th, BTS’ new Japanese song ‘Film out’ was selected as the theme song for ‘Theatrical Signal-Long-term Unsolved Case Investigation Group’, which will be released locally on April 2.

‘Film Out’ is a song in collaboration with BTS and the popular Japanese rock band ‘back number’, and Jungkook, who listened to the melody created by back number member Iyori Shimizu, proposed a new melody and completed it together.

BTS expected, “When I received the demo sent by Shimizu, the melody was very cool and I was drawn to my heart. The melody and lyrics are both sad ballads. It will resonate with many people.”

This film is produced based on the drama ‘Signal’ by Kim Eun-hee. ‘Signal’, made by A Story, a drama production company famous for Netflix’s ‘Kingdom’ series, was broadcast in Korea through tvN in 2016.

In 2018, Japan’s Fuji TV affiliate Kansai TV received a remake with the title of ‘Signal-Long-Term Unsolved Case Investigation Team’ and received favorable reviews. BTS enjoyed popularity by singing the theme song ‘Don’t Leave Me’ for this drama. It is a hip-hop song with an electronic dance music (EDM) feel. It stimulated viewers’ emotions by increasing the thrill and excitement of the play.

‘Signal’ sold the remake rights to about 10 countries. It has been remade to a drama in Japan and China, and Japan is the first to move a movie. Japanese popular actor Kentaro Sakeguchi takes on the lead role in the movie following the drama. Kentaro Sakeguchi is familiar with the BTS members.

BTS, which is enjoying explosive popularity in Japan, has steadily participated in local dramas and movie OSTs. In the first half of last year, BTS’ song ‘Stay Gold’ was selected as the theme song for the TV Tokyo drama ‘Spiral Labyrinth-DNA investigation.

‘Your eyes tell’ in the Japanese regular album’Map of the Sol: 7 ~The Journey~’ released in July last year by BTS is also the theme song for the OST of the Japanese movie ‘Your Eyes Are Asking’ It has been selected.

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