Kang Daniel’s comeback today (16th)… Ultimate performance ‘PARANOIA’

[Reporter Se-yeon Park, Daily Economy Star Today]

Singer Kang Daniel’s new digital single “PARANOIA” will be unveiled on the 16th.

Kang Daniel released the last message of the digital single “PARANOIA” at midnight on the 16th and began counting down the release on the same day. Three profound sentences, “You can run,” “You can hide,” and “But they always find,” imply the overall atmosphere of all the teasers released so far.

As the release approaches, the mystery of “PARANOIA” is at its peak.
“PARANOIA,” which gave a twist whenever hints about music, performance, and music videos were unveiled. Kang Daniel’s transformation, which has never been felt before, will be revealed.

#1. Kang Daniel, get out of the way.

He made a comeback in six months and in 2021, he came in a serious and intense style from the first song, signaling a full-fledged emergency as a solo artist. ‘PARANOIA’, if you translate it directly, it’s paranoid or paranoid. If she had focused only on her splendid appearance on the stage, she has shifted her focus to the inner side.

This time again, Kang Daniel wrote the lyrics himself. He expressed the pain, conflict, and anguish he actually experienced without hesitation. Kang Daniel’s symbolic keywords are hidden all over the music, raising expectations even more.

#2. Overwhelming Scale MV

‘PARANOIA’ boasts cinema look’s suction power, overwhelming feeling, and blockbuster movie scale. The symbolism of the music and storytelling connect, giving more than just a music video impression. Various interpretations of each person can be made through hidden codes and stories. It is making “PARANOIA,” which will be the preview of the last album of the upcoming “COLOR” series and the center point, more solid.

#3. Ultimate Performance

The performance makes the message that “PARANOIA” is trying to express more clearly. Top-class choreographers who worked with Kang Daniel’s inspiration and Kang Daniel for a long time completed the ultimate performance. Each body line of the movement contains details. The bizarre and eye-catching choreography unfolds constantly. The inner division unfolds like a panorama, giving a different level of group dance.

#4. Producers’ dynasty

Anthony Russo, Inverness and Kang Daniel declare a new dynasty of K-pop. The three, who worked together on Inverness’ single “State of Wonder,” which created a new wind in North America in January, and Kang Daniel’s “MAGENTA” album, gathered once again this time.

Anthony Russo and Inverness said that being able to humbly speak of compressed materials such as anxiety and fear means that Kang Daniel’s artistic expression has evolved that much, but we definitely feel that Kang Daniel has done a great job.


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