Kim Sae-rom erased her crass comment on social media about the child abuse case

[Reporter Lee Da-gyeom, Daily Economy Star Today]

Broadcaster Kim Sae-rom, who was at the center of the controversy, erased the traces of an apology on SNS by mentioning SBS’ “Unanswered Questions”, which aired a sequel to the 16-month-old adoptee’s death.

Kim Sae-rom appeared on a home shopping channel broadcasting at the same time as “Unanswered Questions” on the 23rd of last month. When the TV show talked about the 16-month-old baby’s tragic death, caused by her adoptive parents’ abuses, Kim Sae-rom said on the home shopping channel: “Is Unanswered Questions ended? Hey, that’s not important.” Her remark frustrated the public.

In the wake of criticism from netizens, Kim Sae-rom posted an apology on her Instagram, which began with “I leave a message in reflection on my comments on other programs during the live broadcast that just ended.”

“I didn’t know and didn’t know that today’s topic was dealing with a very heartbreaking and angry incident, and I was disappointed in myself for making careless remarks even though the program’s nature always deals with important stories,” she said. “I will reflect on my rash actions today.”

However, as of Wednesday, Kim Sae-rom’s Instagram account has not been able to find the apology. On the other hand, there is still an official apology on GS Home Shopping Official SNS, which was posted after the controversy over Kim Sae-rom’s slip of the tongue, saying, “We will decide to temporarily suspend the program and check the entire process, including the production system.”

Kim Sae-rom. Photo l Kim Sae-rom SNS capture

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