‘Kim Soo-mi’s daughter-in-law’ Seo Hyo-rim, husband and daughter date with an elegant museum

[Intern reporter Shin Hyo-won, Daily Economy Star Today]

Actress Seo Hyo-rim shared her daily life.

On the 14th, Seo Hyo-rim posted an article on her Instagram on the 14th, “Our date. Your first art museum. An exhibition that is good for children, #RoseWiley” and several photos.

In the published photos, there is a picture of Seo Hyo-rim who visited the museum with her husband and daughter. Seo Hyo-rim’s superior proportions and unusual fashion sense stand out. In another photo, her husband, Jung Myung-ho, is pulling a stroller to appreciate the work. The appearance of a good family makes viewers happy.

In December 2019, Seo Hyo-rim married actor Kim Soo-mi’s son, Jung Myung-ho, CEO of Morning Glory F&B, and has one daughter.


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