Lee Ha-jung, working mom with a fever… “During filming, my eyes burst with blood”

[Intern reporter Kim Yeji on Daily Economy Star Today]

Lee Ha-jung, a broadcaster from an announcer, revealed her daily working mom.

On the 16th, Lee Ha-jung opened a word on her Instagram on the 16th, saying, “My eyes were sore in the middle of the filming.”

She added, “I ran to a nearby ophthalmologist for first aid. Haa…I’m really upset. There’s still one more version left. Are there any people with weak eyes like me? What should I do? They also tagged’#Ilstagram #shooting #working mom’.

She released a picture along with the text. In the video, Lee Ha-jung is smiling while monitoring her shooting scene on the set. She has a bob cut and shows off her elegant and elegant beauty just like when she was an announcer.

Netizens responded, “I think it will be difficult to digest the schedule because of eye disease”, “Ha-jung is so pretty, but your eyes hurt. Take care of your health!”

Meanwhile, Lee Ha-jung joined the MBC announcer in 2005 and moved to TV Chosun in 2011 to act as an anchor before leaving last year. She married actor Jung Joon-ho in 2011 and has one son and one daughter.


Photo| Lee Ha-jung SNS

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