Lee Nalchi “Proposal for election song from both camps for’Criminal Coming’” (‘Hurricane Radio’)

[Reporter Jin Hyang-hee, Daily Economy Star Today]

“We received a proposal to send the election,” said Inalchi, a band called ‘Joseon hipster’.

On the 15th, Inalchi appeared on TBS FM’s “Choi Il-gu’s Hurricane Radio” and performed K-excitement by singing “Tiger Comes Down,” which caused the “one-day crime” craze as his first song. Listeners’ reactions were also hot on the live stage, which was indistinguishable from the music. The number of simultaneous radio and YouTube viewers has exploded, proving the skyrocketing popularity of the day.

The live performance of the new song “Yeo Bonari” was followed on that day. “Yeo Bonari” is a piece of the Sugungga, and it is a song about asking his wife before he leaves home. Many listeners were enthusiastic about the rich sound of four vocalists, bass and drums.

Regarding the team name “Inalchi,” the band members said, “The name of one of the great singers of the late Joseon Dynasty was I-chi. He was originally a julgwangdae player, but he was named because he said he would ride a rope like a flying fish. We thought it looked good on us because the name gave us a lively feeling.”

In particular, the band received a proposal of using ‘Tiger Comes Down’ for election songs from both ruling and opposition party. Asked if there was any disagreement, Inalchi members said, “I think there will be, but there is no. “It’s amazing for us as well.”

“We wanted to make a song that both men, women, and children wanted to play together. We started thinking that we are a team that does pop music, and we got a lot of love,” added Inalchi.


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