Lee Se-young, ‘eyes’ shining beauty after plastic surgery

[Reporter Kim So-yeon of Daily Economy Star Today]

Comedian Lee Se-young showed off her beautiful beauty after double eyelid surgery.

Lee Se-young posted a photo on Instagram on the 15th with a post saying, “Too pretty man-to-man! Pretty clothes are by original color.” Lee Se-young, who is wearing a sweatshirt, attracts attention because he is proud of her beautiful appearance after double eyelid surgery.

When the photos were released, netizens responded, such as, “You are really pretty” and “Your beauty shines more and more”.

Meanwhile, Lee Se-young is sharing her daily life with her Japanese boyfriend through the YouTube channel ‘Youngpyeong TV’. Lee Se-young recently confessed to double eyelid surgery and collected topics.


Photo| Seyoung Lee SNS
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