Lee Seung-yoon, Jung Hong-il, and Lee Moo-jin ‘Sing Again’ TOP3 After that

[Reporter Jin Hyang-hee, Daily Economy Star Today]

‘Sing Again’ TOP3 Lee Seung-yoon, Jung Hong-il, and Lee Moo-jin shared their current situation after the contest.

At the press conference for the JTBC entertainment program ‘Sing Again’ held online on the morning of the 16th, Jung Hong-il, the eldest brother, said, “I think I need time to get used to it because I am suddenly loved. I am living with joy and thinking about what I need to prepare in the future.”

Lee Seung-yoon replied briefly, “It’s been a while since it’s been over, so it’s still an adaptation period.” He is working through his schedule with his changed life with tiredness. He said, “I think I need time to adjust.”

‘Sing Again’ is a new concept reboot audition program that helps singers who need the opportunity to ‘one more time’, such as Jaya’s talents that the world has not recognized, and singers who once went well but forgotten now, can stand in front of the public again.

Every week, we dominated real-time search words on various portal sites, and the stage video of the participants recorded 17 million views, proving a hot topic.

‘Sing Again’ TOP10 Seoul concert will be held at the Olympic Hall in Olympic Park for a total of 3 days from March 19 to 21.


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