Lee Si-young has perfect back muscles

[Reporter Jeong-eun Sung on Daily Economy Star Today]

Actress Lee Si-young boasted of her splendid back muscles strengthened through exercise.

On the 16th, Daesang Life Science unveiled a photo shoot of Lee Si-young, an exclusive model for protein specialty brand ‘My Mill’.

In the ‘My Mill’ New Protein photo shoot held earlier this month, Lee Si-young showed a healthy and lively appearance.

Lee Si-young showed a clever appearance that carefully examines the nutritional ingredients, while revealing the perfect yet delicate muscular back line, arm muscles, and abs, which she cultivated through exercise, aroused admiration.

An official from Daesang Life Science said, “As an actor who is renowned for her thorough self-management, she showed a pro-like appearance by carefully examining the products at the shooting site.”


Photo courtesy of Daesang Life Science
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