Musical ‘Blue Rain’ main poster released… Starts on March 16

[Reporter Shin Young-eun, Daily Economy Star Today]

The musical “Blue Rain” unveiled the main poster, announcing the return of the masterpiece.

On the 16th, the musical “Blue Rain” (produced by C-Wanna One, directed by Lee Jeong-hwa) released an intense poster containing a message from the work, drawing attention.

The poster released shows a fish in a narrow, dark square fish tank. The fish’s dim reflection on the boundary symbolically captures the invisible side.

In addition, the shadow, which appears to reach toward the fishbowl, expresses the ‘absolute’ gaze from the top overlooking the fishbowl.

In addition, the phrase “where is the boundary between good and evil” engraved on the corner of the angled fishbowl effectively captures the message of the work and amplifies curiosity about the work.

The musical “Blue Rain” is a modern reinterpretation of Dostoevsky’s masterpiece, “The Brothers of the Karamazovs,” an interesting work that uses the unconventional theme of “the boundary between good and evil” to solve the problem.

“Blue Rain,” which won the 2018 DIMF Creative Musical Award and the 2019 Yegreen Musical Award for directing, posted a main performance in the summer of 2019, receiving enthusiastic acclaim from the audience for its classical dignity and new interpretation. Later, he signed a license agreement with a Japanese performance producer to open a Japanese performance at the Hakuhin Hall in Tokyo in July last year, and captivated Japanese critics and audiences with a special performance at Osaka’s Theater Drama City.

In the musical “Blue Lane,” composer Huh Soo-hyun and choreographer Kim Byung-jin will once again join forces, led by the estimated production of the musical syndrome, which led to unprecedented box office hits in musicals “Interview” and “Smoke.” Composer Heo Soo-hyun is expected to connect the narrative organically through his unique sensual melody.
Choreographer Kim Byung-jin is also expected to present a fantastic stage with dynamic and symbolic movements that are perfectly combined with the narrative.

The musical “Blue Rain,” created by the nation’s top creators, will create a sensation of success in Daehangno with a tense stage that can’t take its eyes off for a single moment.

In the late 1990s, the musical Blue Lane, which features the great work “The Brothers of the Karamazov family,” which captures the joys and sorrows of humans, will examine the essential message of the original classic, as well as the true meaning of truth, lies, sin and punishment.

The musical “Blue Rain” will be performed at Dream Art Center Hall from March 16 to June 6.

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