‘Radio Star’ Kim Bum-soo, acute laryngitis → canceled on the day of the concert “stage phobia occurs”

[Reporter Kim So-yeon of Daily Economy Star Today]

Singer Kim Bum-soo will reveal the story of his urgent cancellation of the concert.

MBC’s entertainment program “Radio Star” (planned by Ahn Soo-young, director Kang Sung-ah), which will air at 10:20 p.m. on the 17th, will feature “Amazing Visit” with four Kim Bum-soo, Kang Daniel, Yang Chi-seung and Park Young-jin, who show off their phenomenal presence in each field.

Kim Bum-soo is the nation’s top vocalist who has consoled the public with songs for a long time, hitting gem-like songs such as “I Miss You,” “Natana,” “Haru” and “End Love.” In addition to music activities, Kim Bum-soo, who has appeared on various broadcasts and has been running nonstop for more than 20 years since his debut, stops all activities for a while last year and confesses that he “spent a sabbatical year.”

The reason why Kim Bum-soo chose the sabbatical is because of the acute laryngitis and its aftereffects. “It’s our 20th anniversary, so we’ve worked harder than ever to prepare for the concert. The voice was suddenly unusual in the morning of the performance,” he said. Famous for his thorough self-management, he visited the hospital the day before the performance and confirmed that his throat was in good condition, but on the day of the performance, his throat condition was 180 degrees different from the day before.

Kim Bum-soo eventually took the stage, sang his first song, and announced his throat condition, and apologized to the audience and canceled the concert. After that, the aftereffects also came. Kim Bum-soo said, “I felt like I was going up the guillotine every time I went on stage,” and that he decided to take a sabbatical because of stage fright. He will then unveil the story of restoring the health of his body and mind through his one-year “Jeju Life.”

Kim Bum-soo, who is as sincere in dancing as the song, realizes the dance bucket list with the special MC Sun-mi and guest Kang Daniel for “A Wonderful Visit.” First, Kim Bum-soo performs a surprise cover dance of “Wen We Disco” with Sunmi, boasting low-world tension and cuteness.

Kim Bum-soo also asks Kang Daniel, the “National Center,” to watch the “PICK ME” dance, and gives a handwritten letter to Kang Daniel’s fans by performing a trance dance. After watching all this, it raises questions about how Kang Daniel would react.

Sunmi, who will play as a special MC, will play an active role with both talk and sense of reaction. Sunmi reveals that “Park Jin-young has lost contact after collaborating with Rain,” while she is also eager to promote her new song “Tail,” which will be released on the 23rd, which makes people curious about her performance.

The reason why Kim Bum-soo chose the sabbatical can be found on “Radio Star,” which will air at 10:20 p.m. on the 17th.


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