‘Genius Hong Jin-kyung’, the entertainment industry representative ‘Fool’ escape

[Reporter Kim So-yeon of Daily Economy Star Today]

Broadcaster Hong Jin-kyung relieves her thirst for studying.

Kakao M announced on the 17th that it will unveil “Genius Hong Jin-kyung,” which contains the challenge of Hong Jin-kyung’s left-wing idol, Hong Jin-kyung, the representative of the entertainment industry, on Kakao TV at 10 a.m. on the 22nd. It will be pre-released on Kakao TV at 10 a.m. every Monday, and a week later, it will also be available on the YouTube channel of “Genius Hong Jin-kyung.”

“Genius Hong Jin-kyung” is a new concept educational entertainment show where Hong Jin-kyung learns middle school curriculum with “studying-only” male and female celebrities. Hong Jin-kyung, an all-around entertainer who succeeded in modeling, entertainment, and business, but lacked learning, prepared this content after watching the curriculum of her daughter “La-el,” which is getting more difficult. Hong Jin-kyung, who was “thirsty to learn” enough to receive private tutoring, starts educational entertainment programs for parents who are struggling with their children’s education and students who want to study easily and fun like her.

In “Genius Hong Jin-kyung,” Hong Jin-kyung, promising entertainment star Nam Chang-hee, comedian Hwang Je-sung from Sungkyunkwan University, who is vulnerable except for her major “Acting Art,” and rapper Gree, who is mad at ignorance, will learn the regular curriculum step by step. The unpredictable challenge of those who are not ashamed of “don’t know” and proudly say they don’t know is expected to give a big laugh.

In order to help men and women who are willing to study belatedly, she will take super-special instructors. Various figures, ranging from political figures to celebrities famous for their “brain sex” charms, appear as daily instructors who teach formal curriculum such as “national, English, mathematics, apples, and apples.” The Ahn Cheol-soo’s by right. is math, and Chung Bong-ju, former lawmaker and an announcer Jang Sung-gyu from former lawmakers and the Korean announcer Oh Sang-jin hosted from Na Kyung-won, English. Will be starring as a shot without instructor. “Studying masters” who are good at studying are drawing attention because they plan to explain only secondary curriculum in a fun and easy way. Questions are mounting over whether the cast of the brain-like men and women will be able to resolve their resentment of studying this time or spend a time of patience “suffering from buying” after they come forward to study.

Ahead of its first release on the 22nd (Monday), “Genius Hong Jin-kyung” released a prologue video on Kakao TV and YouTube channels on the 17th (Wednesday), raising interest. Hong Jin-kyung, who appeared elegantly in a suit, expressed her intense desire for learning, but as the conversation continued, she continued to show a lack of common sense, causing laughter. Hong Jin-kyung, who surprised people by revealing that she had been receiving tutoring for the past two years to become a mother who is not ashamed of her daughter, reportedly panicked as she received a shocking score of 18 out of 100 on her math test. Hong Jin-kyung said, “I hope it will be a funny content that learns and learns with those who missed the time to study and gets anything.”

Attention is focusing on whether Hong Jin-kyung, who has provided unpredictable “funny” fun from the prologue video, will be able to upgrade her knowledge and common sense through “Genius Hong Jin-kyung.”


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