Jeong Gigo, accidentally up to 100kg… Hormonal diet declaration

Photo ㅣStar Today DB

[Reporter Jin Hyang-hee, Daily Economy Star Today]

Singer Jeong Gigo weighed 100kg and said that he will lose weight.

On the 17th, Jeong Gigo announced on his Instagram on the 17th, “I have finally conquered the first 100kg hill in my life.”

He said, “I will faithfully participate in the 4 week hormone diet course and come back as a person.”

After debuting with IF’s ‘Respect You’ featuring in 2002, Jeong Gigo was called a ‘featuring hit maker’ by working with musicians such as Ax The Quiet Epik High. In 2014, Sistar SoYou and sang ‘Some’ became popular and made their name known.

In the recently ended MBN entertainment program ‘Miss Back’, they presented a mixed duet stage with Reina and Yujin.
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