Kim Ho-joong,’male beauty’, attracting pop artists

[Reporter Jeong-eun Sung on Daily Economy Star Today]

‘Tvarotti’ Kim Ho-joong melted into pop art.

Argentine pop artist Alejandro Vigilante unveiled a pop art work modeled after Kim Ho-joong on his official social media channel on the 16th.

In the published picture, Kim Ho-joong is gazing somewhere with intense, clear eyes wearing a tuxedo. Tvarotti’s warm masculine beauty, which is connected with double-lid eyes under soft arched eyebrows, stiff mouth, and strong jawline, shines.

The color divided into four adds to the atmosphere.

In particular, Alejandro Vigilante impressed fans by inserting ‘O Sole Mio’ from ‘My Favorite Songs’ among classic mini-albums as background music with Kim Ho-joong’s own pop art work. I hugged him.

Alejandro Vigilante is an artist familiar to Korean fans, modeled after world-class celebrities. Prior to Kim Ho-joong, it became a hot topic with a member of BTS as a model. It is loved by pop star Lady Gaga and basketball star Michael Jordan.

On the other hand, Kim Ho-joong proved remarkable popularity by surpassing 1 million copies in cumulative sales of last year’s classic mini albums. He is currently serving in the military as a social worker.

Photo|Alejandro Vigilante SNS
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