Lee Ji-ah, absent from the production presentation of ‘Penthouse 2’?

[Reporter Se-yeon Park, Daily Economy Star Today]

Actress Lee Ji-ah’s appearance in SBS’s new Friday drama ‘Penthouse 2’has emerged as a hot concern for netizens. This is because she, who suffered intense death in Season 1, did not even put her name on the list of actors attending the production presentation.

Shim Su-ryun, starred by Lee Ji-ah, died in season 1 of ‘Penthouse’. Because of this, netizens’ interest in how Shim Su-ryun will appear in Season 2 was high. Lee Ji-ah is not included in the list of bee attending, and is attracting extraordinary attention.

Although Shim Su-ryun dies in the play, as the season continues, there is speculation that it will not appear at all.

However, the production crew has no clue about Lee Ji-ah’s performance in ‘Penthouse 2’, so interest in this is growing even more before the first broadcast. ‘Penthouse 2’ will be broadcast for the first time at 10 pm on the 19th.


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