Lee Jun-ik, Seol Gyeong-gu, and Byeon Yo-han’s ‘The Book of Fish’, confirmed to be released on March 31

[Reporter Yang So-young on the Daily Economy Star Today]

The movie “The Book of Fish,” which is expected to be met by director Lee Joon-ik and Byun Yo-han of Seol Kyung-gu, confirmed its release on March 31 and released two posters.

The movie “The Book of Fish” tells the story of Jeong Yak-jeon, a scholar who became more curious about the sea than a book, and Chang-dae, a young fisherman who wants to get out of the sea, writing “The Book of Fish” and becoming friends.

“The Book of Fish” is the 14th work of director Lee Joon-ik, a master of period dramas who has shed new light on historical figures with works such as “The Apostle,” “Dongju” and “Park Yeol.” In “The Book of Fish,” director Lee Joon-ik sheds light on Jeong Yak-jeon, a scholar of the Joseon Dynasty.
It is expected to sincerely capture the relationship with Chang-dae, which appears in the preface to the fish science book “The Book of Fish,” written by Jeong Yak-jeon, and give a deep empathy and echo to audiences of the current era.

Seol Kyung-gu will challenge his first historical drama film through ‘The Book of Fish’. After being exiled to Heuksando Island, he showed off his new charm by breaking down into Jeong Yak-jeon, a scholar who opened his eyes to sea creatures. Byun Yo-han plays Changdae, a young fisherman who studies writing to escape Heuksando Island. Byun Yo-han will express the three-dimensional image of Chang-dae, who meets Jeong Yak-jeon and undergoes changes in values, in a delicate emotional performance.

The poster, which was released, draws attention with the lively appearance of Jeong Yak-jeon and Chang-dae, which are materialized together without hesitation, and the beautiful black and white mise en. The copy, “Being a teacher of curious scholars and fishermen each other,” foretells a special relationship that the two people, who are different in status and age, will create by sharing knowledge with each other.

The appearance of Chang-dae smiling brightly while holding a book and Jeong Yak-jeon smiling next to him not only reveals the new expressions and charms of Seol Kyung-gu and Byun Yo-han, but also adds to the expectations of the movie by giving a glimpse of their perfect breathing.

As such, the second trailer will be released for the first time on CGV Facebook at 6 p.m. on the 17th, where you can check the passionate performance of the actors representing Chungmuro and the delicate directing skills of director Lee Joon-ik. Director Lee Joon-ik’s 14th film, ‘The Book of Fish,’ is scheduled to be released on March 31.


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