‘Penthouse 2’ Director Joo Dong-min “The goal is to make it fun” [Interview]

[Reporter Jeong-eun Sung on Daily Economy Star Today]

“The goal is to make it fun… I ask for your support.”

Joo Dong-min, director of SBS’ Friday-Saturday drama “Penthouse 2,” which will premiere on the 19th, revealed his goal in an interview.

“Penthouse 2” (written by Kim Soon-ok, directed by Joo Dong-min, produced by Green Snake Media) is a suspense revenge play held at No. 1 House Price and No. 1 Education with a distorted desire that depicts the solidarity and revenge of women who had to become evil women to protect their children.

Director Joo Dong-min stole attention with colorful and sensuous productions in “Return” and “The Last Empress,” and in “Penthouse” Season 1, he also boosted the drama’s immersion to the extreme with his exceptional intense visual beauty from detail. In particular, director Joo Dong-min once again joined forces with writer Kim Soon-ok after “The Last Empress” and heralded the birth of another myth. As a result, the final episode of “Penthouse” season 1 has a phenomenal record of 30.5% based on Nielsen Korea’s metropolitan area and 31.1% highest ratings, creating a “Pent sensation” that breaks down 30% of the walls in five years of terrestrial miniseries.

Director Joo Dong-min said about the huge popularity of “Penthouse,” “The biggest goal was to make it fun, but I’m happy to think that the fun we think appealed to the viewers.” “I tried to pick the best perfection within a limited time, but I’m grateful that the viewers recognized me.”

“One of the advantages of SBS is the art team,” he said, citing “luxury” and “Mise-en-sen” as the most important parts of the production. I think the results came out well because the art director and CG team were very excellent and the staff who worked with me on my previous works worked well together. “I would like to thank the A&T art director, CG team, props team, especially So Eun-seok, Lee Ha-jung and Yoon Chang-mook,” he said, expressing affection to the staff.

Director Joo Dong-min also introduced “Penthouse” as “a drama that is hard to explain with just one or two genres.” “According to the interpretation of each scene, such as thriller, black comedy, and Chijeong, I only do my best to make the best of the feeling,” he said. “These days, dramas are all complex, so there is no PD specialized in any genre.” Drama producers usually try to have all these things in place by watching movies, dramas, novels, comic books, and magazines. “I am grateful that Producer Park Bo-ram of Team B covered many parts of the story of high school students, which is something I don’t know well about in “Penthouse” season 1,” he added.

In addition, regarding the filming site and the breathing with the actors, “The atmosphere of the filming site is so good. Thank you Shin Eun-kyung for leading the atmosphere well as the oldest sister. “Eom Ki-joon, among male actors, led his juniors well as the oldest,” he said.

On the other hand, director Joo Dong-min said, “I’m not talking about perfection,” citing the scene where Shim Su-ryun (Lee Ji-ah) took revenge by locking the Hera Club people in the junkyard in the 18th and 19th parts of the “Penthouse” season 1. It was a very cold winter night. Not a single good, old actor acted all night, soaked in water without objection. I was grateful and proud that the actors agreed with the director and the writer’s will and did not hesitate to work hard. “It was hard for me, too, but I’m happy that the results came out well,” he said, expressing his gratitude to the actors who performed enthusiastically.

Lastly, director Joo Dong-min said, “We don’t have enough time, but both the staff and the actors are happily immersed in the filming.” I will also be calm and do my best to finish the rest of the broadcast well. “We ask for your support,” he said, asking for expectations for the first episode of “Penthouse 2,” which will air on Wednesday.

Following the hot popularity of season 1, “Penthouse 2,” which will return to SBS Friday and Saturday drama, will premiere at 10 p.m. on the 19th (Friday).


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