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[Reporter Lee Da-gyeom, Daily Economy Star Today]

The solo debut of I.M. (real name Lim Chang-kyun), a member of the group MONSTA X, is drawing expectations from music fans.

MONSTA X I.M. will release its first solo digital mini-album “DUALITY” on various music sites at 2 p.m. on the 19th, and will release its first official solo album in six years.

I.M. has already received a lot of attention as a dark horse in the music industry in February, announcing a strong atmosphere and various contents by releasing its coming-soon image, schedule, and concept photo. In response, I pointed out the main point of I.M’s music, which is about to make his official solo debut, raising expectations from many music fans.

# Monsta X Music Spectrum Extensions
I.M. not only participated in the rap making of all the songs on Monsta X’s album, but also included their own songs “Where Are You Doing”, “CHAMPAGNE”, “UR”, “ZONE” and “Night View”. Monsta X’s unique mature sexiness was completed with I.M’s active musical participation.

In particular, “Night View,” which was included in Monsta X’s third full-length album “Fatal Love,” released in November last year, has attracted global music fans through reverse driving, entering 13th place on the U.S. Billboard “World Digital Song Sales Chart (January 30).”

Meanwhile, attention is focusing on whether I.M. will be able to expand the team’s spectrum through “DUALITY,” which will be Monsta X’s first music activity in 2021.

It is the first time for a solo song to be released in “DUALITY,” but I.M. has consistently demonstrated its musicality through mixtapes “Fly with me,” “HORIZON” and “Scent.”

He also led MONSTA X’s overseas activities by conducting exclusive interviews with leading U.S. media Chicago Tribune and the BBC with his fluent English skills. Forbes, a U.S. economic magazine, drew attention by focusing on I.M’s capabilities on MONSTA X’s performance, which boasts a heightened status abroad, such as entering the Billboard main chart.

Expectations are high on how I.M., which is receiving attention from music scenes around the world, will perform with “DUALITY.”

# True inner duality
I.M. established a special music world as a rapper by honestly unraveling the duality of the inside and outside in “DUALITY,” just like the name of the album. I.M. will take charge of writing and composing all the tracks beyond rap making, presenting a different color of results from MONSTA X’s complete group and delivering his deep story.

Through this, I.M. is determined to show the process of finding himself/herself and make him/her look forward to his/her various future moves as a rapper.

Meanwhile, I.M’s first solo digital mini-album “DUALITY,” which contains the special music world, will be released on various music sites at 2 p.m. on the 19th.


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