BTS V became ‘the icon of filial piety’… Ranked 1st in ‘A boy who seems to give a lot of pocket money to his parents’

[Reporter Han Hyeon-jeong, Daily Economy Star Today]

BTS (BTS) V has become an icon of filial piety.

V ranked first with 32,061 votes out of a total of 88,236 votes in the poll “Which boy band member is likely to give parents a lot of pocket money?” held on the idol-related popular app Choi Ae-dol from 13th to 17th.

Since his debut, V has been known as a good son among fans, consistently showing his filial piety toward his family love and parents through various interviews, SNS, and entertainment programs.

At the beginning of his debut, when fans posted on the official cafe that they wanted to save money and go see V, V drew warmth by saying that he hoped he would be a good son to his parents rather than coming to see him. In an interview, when asked what his childhood birthday wish was, he answered, “The health of parents and family was the biggest wish, and parents are healthy because they have never forgotten it for 20 years.”

On Parents’ Day last year, V presented songs written and composed to his parents.

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