Cho Young-soo, Grand Prize at KOMAC Copyright Award

[Reporter Se-yeon Park, Daily Economy Star Today]

Composer Cho Young-soo was honored with the Grand Prize of Arrangement Award from the Korea Copyright Association.

On the afternoon of the 18th, Cho Young-soo won the grand prize for the Arrangement Award at the ‘7th Korean Music Copyright Association (KOMAC) Copyright Award’ awards ceremony held online.

With the award that day, Cho Young-soo proved that he was the best composer in Korea. He won the 2011 Korean Music Copyright Awards, and won the Arrangement Award in 2015 and the Composition and Arrangement Awards in 2016, and won two crowns.

Cho Young-soo said, “I am so honored and thankful. I thank the members of NEXTA Entertainment, who always keep me strong when I play music, and I will work hard to make better music.” “It will be a lot harder because of the corona, but I wish you good health and happiness. Thank you for the big award and good award.”

In 1996, Cho Young-soo participated in a team called ‘The Twelve Theme’ at the MBC University Song Festival in 1996 and received the grand prize for ‘New’. After debuting as a composer with jewelry ‘Fool’ in 2003, SG Wannabe ‘La La La’, Lee Seung-cheol ‘There is no such person’, See-Ya ‘Scent of a Woman’, T-ara ‘Day by Day’, Hong Jin-young ‘Love Battery’, Yoo San-seul ‘ Redevelopment of Love’ and ‘I Only Trust Me Now’, Lim Young-woong, and other hit songs were published in various fields such as ballads, R&B, dance, and trot.

In addition, from 2007 to 2011, it ranked first as the ‘copyright king’, ranking first in copyright fees for five consecutive years. In 2015, he was recognized for his contribution to the development of popular culture by receiving a citation from the Minister of Culture at the ‘2015 Korea Popular Culture and Arts Awards’. Glory)’, etc. Recently, he is active as a judge for TV CHOSUN ‘Tomorrow is Miss Trot 2’.

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