‘Delicious Rendezvous’ Baek Jong-won humiliates ‘Dongducheon Dalgona king’ Yang Se-hyung

[Reporter Lee Da-gyeom, Daily Economy Star Today]

Chungmuro Goddess Lee Sun-bin transforms into a “agricultural product spokesperson.”

On SBS entertainment program “Delicious Rendezvous,” which will be broadcast on the 18th, actor Lee Sun-bin will showcase his versatile charm, from eating shows to delivery.

Ahead of dinner, the Nongvenzures had a sweet break at a cafe full of retro sentiments. Members who saw Dalgona cooking tools in the corner of the coffee shop had a heated conversation on the theme of Dalgona.
Kim Hee-chul mentioned a video of Baek Jong-won’s wife So Yu-jin’s SNS, saying he saw Baek Jong-won making dalgona.

In the released video, Baek Jong-won, who failed to make dalgona, and children with disappointed expressions appeared, drawing laughter from viewers. Kim Hee-chul said, “You can’t make dalgona,” and added, “I used factual violence to make Baek Jong-won feel guilty.”

Since then, there have been talks about the names of various dalgona by region and how to eat it. Kim Dong-jun, a native of Busan, said that Baek Jong-won and Yoo Byung-jae from Chungcheong Province sang “Tigi” and Yang Se-hyung, a native of Dongducheon, sang “Dalgona” as “Droping and Eating” or “Picking.”

The members who tried to make dalgona responded that it was surprisingly difficult, while Yang Se-hyung, who succeeded in making dalgona at once, showed off his overflowing confidence in front of Baek Jong-won. Baek Jong-won showed no confidence, just watching the members make dalgona. It is rumored that he was humiliated and laughed at the scene by trying to eat a lot of Dalgona made by Yang Se-hyung and dropping it on the floor while failing to draw the shape of Dalgona.

During dinner time, Lee Sun-bin asked Baek Jong-won to cook malatang. Baek Jong-won completed a hearty malatang for Lee Sun-bin by utilizing the all-time specialty “Tasty Guys.” For Lee Sun-bin, who usually likes spicy food, Malatang, which is made more spicy, is expected to have extreme “red flavor.” The meal began and the members expressed disapproval of the all-time spicy taste. On the other hand, Lee Sun-bin was good at spicy food, inhaling malatang in a flurry.

Lee Sun-bin’s versatility continued at the Contactless Cooking Show. He showed off his “A-class part-timer” aspect by running around the parking lot in high heels to deliver food to citizens. Lee Sun-bin, who had been working hard, felt sorry for the appearance of his legs loosened as the evening was nearing the end. Lee Sun-bin, who stole the hearts of not only the members but also the citizens of Yesan with various charms, will be unveiled at “Delicious Rendezvous,” which will air at 9 p.m. on the 18th.


‘Plaza of goodness’. Photo lSBS

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