‘Environment Special’ revived in 8 years… Joined Presenter Hyojin Kim (Official)

[Reporter Yang So-young on the Daily Economy Star Today]

KBS resurrects ‘Environment Special’ in 8 years. It deals with global environmental issues that have emerged as the center of modern values after COVID-19.

KBS2 ‘Environment Special’, which is newly launched in March, is a commitment to responsibly deal with the earth’s environmental issues ‘before it’s too late’ with the core keyword ‘on the side of nature, on the side of future generations’. Unlike the past, it was designed to approach the audience more closely with actor Kim Hyo-jin as a presenter.

MC Kim Hyo-jin has revealed her beliefs about environmental issues such as abandoned dogs and zero waste for a long time, and is an eco-celebrity representative of the entertainment industry who is also a vegetarian. Kim Hyo-jin, who is also the mother of two children, expressed her willingness to participate by deeply sympathizing with the purpose of the planning of ‘Environment Special’, “I will speak out so that future generations can inherit this beautiful earth that adults have enjoyed.”

The ‘Environment Special’ team, which received a lot of love from viewers for densely drawing the hidden natural history around us along with environmental current events, said, “Based on the accumulated reporting know-how and high-quality nature videos, we will create a high-quality environmental documentary that no one else can imitate. Through this, we will realize the value of the license fee.”

The first broadcast of ‘Environment Special’ will be aired on March 4 at 8:30 pm.


Photo courtesy of KBS
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