ITZY, the five lovely girls’ look like me (pictorial)

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Girl group ITZY released a confident pictorial.

Lifestyle magazine “Singles” released its first English album, “Not Shy (English Ver.)”, on the 22nd of last month, releasing a visual pictorial of the group ITZY, which is active not only in Korea but also abroad.

In the pictorial, which showed various styles from colorful dresses to girlish casual looks, ITZY showed a confident and confident appearance. Even though the members praised each other and chatted happily, they overwhelmed the atmosphere with intense eyes when the camera was turned on, and showed off their professionalism by perfecting the macro cut. It is rumored that the close-up, shining goddesses, and the unique charms of the five girls combined to make all the staff on the set become fans.

We are encouraging fans with the energy we have.

From the debut song “DALLA DALLA” to the recent release of “Not Shy,” all the messages delivered by ITZY’s unique bright and positive voice come down to “their own style.” “It’s good to see someone and want to emulate them, but I don’t think we need to be the same. I always thought that I wanted to be a “Wanna Be” myself, just like their good looks as if they were being painted in various colors, Yeji said, “I tried to be confident on my own.”

“I want to be a person who can think straight and speak my thoughts confidently without lying,” Yuna said, “Let’s live a satisfactory life within my standards.” As Lia said, “I don’t think we need to live up to the standards because the criteria for happiness, success, and failure vary from person to person,” all members had their own distinct values. “Every time I learned something new since I was a trainee, I tried to absorb it into my own,” Chaeryeong said. “Until now, I have not changed my mind not to lose myself,” she said, expressing her desire to protect her color.

We want to have ITZY’s unique style.

In front of the fact that they are preparing for various contents such as V-app and live, they are especially often given the modifier “unique” because it is regrettable that they cannot meet with the fan club “MIDZY.” “ITZY’s unrivaled charm is energy,” Lia said.

“I hope that the energy will be warmed up momentarily when I listen to the song,” she said, expressing her pride as an irreplaceable group. “I realize the meaning of ITZY when I hear that our fans are encouraged by our songs.

If I were alone, I could convey the courage that I would not have conveyed to each and every person on stage under the name of ITZY,” she said. “The more I do, the more I become greedy.” She’s been trying a lot of differently.

“I want to show a better appearance,” Yuna said, “I want to promote ITZY more.” I hope I can give good energy through good stages and performances steadily,” said Chaeryeong, a pure heart of music-loving girls.

Meanwhile, the group ITZY, which earned the nickname Super Rookie at the same time as they debuted in the music industry in 2019, is actively communicating with fans by hosting a solo live show on the 12th to mark the second anniversary of its debut.

In particular, through the newly released English album “Not Shay,” ITZY’s unique free and unique charm has attracted fans around the world and strengthened its position as a next-generation K-pop star.

The fairy-like visual pictorial of ITZY, a group with a beautiful appearance anytime, anywhere, can be found on the March issue of “Singles” and the “Singles” website.

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