Kim San-ho appeared in the musical ‘Blue Lane’

[Reporter Shin Young-eun, Daily Economy Star Today]

Actor Kim San-ho confirmed to appear in the musical ‘Blue Lane’.

The musical ‘Blue Lane’ is a new reinterpretation of the masterpiece, ‘The Brothers of the Karamazov Family’, the world’s greatest Russian-born Dostoevsky, a musical. It borrows the unconventional subject of murder of his father and unravels the heavy theme of ‘the boundary between good and evil’ with musical elements.

Kim San-ho appears on the stage as ‘Theo’. Theo visits his father to receive the trust funds left by his mother and is accused of a murder case. It is expected that the transformation of Kim San-ho, who was responsible for the fun of the play in the musical ‘The Days’ and ‘The Hourglass’, is expected. The performance of Kim San-ho’s acting spectrum, which transcends seriousness and humor, is expected to be fully exhibited by fans. The trust given by the casting of Kim San-ho, who has an excellent balance between singing and acting, stands out.

Kim San-ho said, “I feel good to work with good actors. I will prepare hard to improve the perfection of my work.” He continued, “With COVID-19, the people involved in the performance industry and the audience had a lot of trouble. I want to convey the fun to those who come well prepared,” he added. Kim San-ho’s agency Neverdie Entertainment said, “Kim San-ho is excited to meet the audience. I will show you a good performance.”

On the other hand, the musical ‘Blue Lane’, in which a large number of top actors including Kim San-ho, will be introduced, will open on March 16 at Dream Art Center Hall 1.

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