Lee So-yeon of ‘Miss Montecristo’ fainting during the proposal of Kyung Sung-hwan What happened?

[Reporter Yang So-young on the Daily Economy Star Today]

What was the reason for Lee So-yeon’s fall?

The scene where Lee So-yeon fell during a proposal in KBS2’s new daily drama ‘Miss Montecristo’ (play Hye-won Jung, director Park Ki-ho, production Ubiculture May Queen Pictures), which caught the attention of viewers with the turbulent development from the first episode, was revealed.

Following Lee So-yeon’s confused figure holding a ring in her hand in the published photo, Lee So-yeon’s expression of laughter while looking at Kyung Seong-hwan kneeling down and offering a bouquet of roses conveys an overwhelming happiness. However, at the next moment, Lee So-yeon loses her mind and is in the arms of Kyung Sung-hwan, causing concern.

Earlier, a fight broke out between Lee Mi-young and Lee So-yeon (play the role of Go Eun-jo)’s mother, Kim Mi-ra (play the role of Bae Soon-jeong), due to the problem that Kyung Seong-hwan’s mother Lee Mi-young (played by Yoon Cho-shim) was caught by the police for selling fake products. The story was drawn by Choi Yeo-jin (playing Oh Ha-ra) urging Lee So-yeon to break up with Kyung Seong-hwan.

Meanwhile, the appearance of Lee So-yeon’s collapse is amplifying the curiosity about what happened on this day.

There is also a lot of interest in how the destiny of the two will unfold as Choi Yeo-jin intervenes between Lee So-yeon and Kyung Seong-hwan, who were growing in love ahead of their marriage, and a fight between the couples.

The 4th episode of ‘Miss Montecristo’, where the reason for Lee So-yeon’s fall in the happiest moment will be revealed will be broadcast today (18th) at 7:50 pm


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