‘Mom Café’ Lee Dong-guk “Son’s dream of being a big football player”

[Reporter Jeong-eun Sung on Daily Economy Star Today]

Lee Dong-guk begins training at the national level for his youngest son ‘Si-an’ to dream of becoming a soccer player.

In the ‘Mom Café’ of T-Cast E channel, which airs on the 18th, a camping date between Lee Dong-guk and his son, Si-an, is revealed.

Before the start, Lee Dong-guk told Mom Café members, “Si-an’s dream is a soccer player.” “When people ask me what my dream is, the reaction is good, so I know that’s right. I want to play a soccer player. The problem is what you want to do.”

Lee Dong-guk leads Si-an to camp after twists and turns. Upon arriving at the campsite, Lee Dong-guk starts the soccer game in earnest. In this process, the young Xian surprised the members of the studio cafe with his father-like fighting spirit and athletic DNA. Hong Hyun-hee admires Si-an’s innate motor skills, saying, “Cool. Like Father, like son.”

In addition, Lee Dong-guk faces a more serious look than when he was a player even in a soccer game with the youngest at the age of 8. They take snacks as hostages and train their sons as if they were training junior players. The members who watched it said, “Why is the national dad doing that?” “I’m gonna cry” “To 8 years old?” My back is clamoring.

Lee Dong-guk said, “I have been educated since I was young that there was nothing I could get for free.” You can check out Lee Dong-guk’s own education method and detailed episodes in ‘Mom Café’.

‘Mom Café’ conveys information on childrearing and housekeeping necessary for real life by Lee Dong-guk, Jang Yoon-jung, Lee Yu-ri, Hong Hyun-hee, Choi Hee, Song Kyung-ah, and Bae Yoon-jung. It is a hot topic not only for parents raising children every time, but also for those who are about to get married. Among them, Lee Dong-guk’s parenting life is a hot reaction. The tennis date scene of Lee Dong-guk and her daughter Jae-ah has been spotlighted on YouTube as it exceeded 1 million views.

‘Mom Cafe’ will be broadcast on the E channel of T-Cast at 8:50 pm on the 18th, and you can see the news on site in advance through the official Instagram and YouTube E channel.


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