Professor Michael Sandel “Fair college entrance examination? Let’s select by lot.”

[Reporter Jin Hyang-hee, Daily Economy Star Today]

Professor Michael Sandel said, “Let’s select college students by lot.”

At JTBC’s Differential Class’ broadcast on the 18th, Professor Michael Sandel opens a question and answer on the subject of ‘the tyranny of meritism’. The second video conferencing lecture by Harvard University professor Michael Sandel, a world-renowned scholar, takes off the veil.

In a recent lecture on ‘Differential Class’, Professor Sandel said, “The excessive competition in education brought about by meritocracy is causing misfortunes for the winners as well as the losers.”

Although they entered prestigious universities through fierce competition, some of the students who have been tired of long competition are complaining of severe mental illness syndrome that they even think of extreme choices.

Regarding the competition for entrance examinations in the United States, Professor Michael Sandel revealed a story he faced firsthand. He recalled the time, saying, “I was assigned a seat according to my test scores in high school.” Following that, the competition for education in the United States, explained by Professor Sandel, was very close to the American version of ‘SKY Castle’. Recently in the United States, a massive entrance examination scandal broke out and was shocked. All kinds of irregularities in the entrance exam were disclosed, such as selecting students as sports specialty students in an unrelated sport and correcting test scores.”

Professor Sandel said, “The Korean drama ‘SKY Castle’ dramatically portrayed our problems. If ‘SKY Castle’ is streamed to the US, I would definitely want to see it.”

Professor Sandel described the cheating on the entrance exam as a ‘side door’ to college. In addition, he mentioned the ‘back door’ for admission through donations and the ‘front door’ for admission according to grades.

It shocked the fact that not only the ‘side door’ and the ‘back door’, but also the ‘front door’ could never be fair. Professor Sandel, who has begun to overturn all common sense that we have believed to be fair, will be released on this broadcast.

In addition, Professor Sandel, who pointed out the problems of the university, which had fallen into a talent selector, suggested an unconventional solution. It is to select students by lot. Hong Jin-gyeong, amazed with anger, laughed when he asked, “Have you ever shared this thought with President Harvard?”

Professor Sandel continued to lecture on politicians, education, and academic background. The Vietnam War fought by cabinets of elite politicians John F. Kennedy and Lyndon Johnson was on the rise. On the other hand, Professor Sandel asked questions about ‘the condition of a good politician’, referring to the work of the British government in the past, which included seven former coal miners. In addition, his thoughts on Joe Biden, president of the B-Ivy League, which came out after 36 years, attracted attention.

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