‘Times’ Lee Seo-jin and Lee Joo-young, a hot and cold bath with one phone call

[Reporter Shin Young-eun, Daily Economy Star Today]

OCN’s “Times” Lee Seo-jin and Lee Joo-young’s daily routine was shattered by a phone call. Still cuts of the temperature difference between the two reporters, which marks the beginning of the Time Warp political mystery, are released, sparking questions.

OCN’s new Saturday and Saturday original “Times” (written by Ahn Hye-jin, director Yoon Jong-ho, 12 episodes in total) unveiled a still cut containing the coldness and warmth of reporter Lee Jin-woo (Lee Seo-jin) and reporter Seo Jung-in (Lee Joo-young) in 2015 just two days before the first broadcast. The two journalists, who were connected on the phone over a five-year gap due to communication problems caused by a mysterious base station fire accident and distortion of the timeline, reacted to the extreme.

First, after completing the call with Seo Jung-in in 2020, Lee Jin-woo gets caught up in complex thoughts. He contacted his daughter Seo Jung-in, who said she would interview Rep. Seo Ki-tae (Kim Young-chul), but only the incomprehensible answer, “It’s 2020 here,” came back. Since he is a reporter, he also raised questions about “fact.” However, it was difficult to ignore the shocking story that Seo Ki-tae, one of the leading presidential candidates, was expected to die in the near future, not to mention that he was killed in a shooting incident. Faced with this unbelievable situation, the key point of the mystery narrative is how Lee Jin-woo, a timid reporter, will jump into the world of Time Warp and what changes Seo Jung-in’s present will face.

Seo Jung-in’s facial expressions, which were released together, are dramatic. In 2020, Seo Jung-in lost his father Seo Ki-tae, who was president overnight, and was living as a small media reporter, not a broadcasting station reporter. I have denied the reality, but I had no choice but to adjust to my daily life, which seemed to be flowing without myself. However, it was the phone call with Lee Jin-woo who lived in 2015 that broke the daily routine. A precarious tension rose from his face, emitting cool energy, but soon his eyes sparkled because of the hope that he could change the past, and that he could revive his/or revive his/her father. I wonder how I was able to seize the last chance while talking to Lee Jin-woo on the phone.

The production team of “Times” said, “The phone connection between 2015 and 2020 is a key device of Time Warp that expresses unpredictable variations in the past and present timelines.” “The Times should pay attention to the future ahead of us, whether the two journalists who are living in different times, the dangerous truth they will face in the process, and the present response to changes in the past.

The time warp political mystery drama “The Times,” in which Seo Jung-in, who was connected to former journalist Lee Jin-woo five years ago, faces dangerous truths while preventing the death of his father, President Seo Ki-tae, will premiere on OCN at 10:30 p.m. on Saturday 20th.



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