Yeom Hye-ran pictorial “I want to live like Chu Mae-ok”

[Reporter Yang So-young on the Daily Economy Star Today]

It is the heyday of Yeom Hye-ran.

In February, the noir pictorial of actor Yeom Hye-ran, who is loved as a leading actor in the name and reality, was released by releasing three films, including ‘New Year Blues’, ‘I’, and ‘Light and Iron’. In the pictorial released through the March issue of ‘Arena Homme Plus’, Yeom Hye-ran showed a new face that was different from the one shown in the previous works.

Yeom Hye-ran perfectly digested the pictorial with the concept of noir. In the cut that harmonized with the intense red color, she showed off alluring charm, and in the cut that contained light and shadow, she overwhelmed the gaze with intense and attractive eyes. Since she is an actor who creates a life character for each work, the pictorial cut was completed in a lively way like a character in the work, not actor Yeom Hye-ran.

In the interview conducted with the pictorial, we talked about actor activities from the movie ‘Light and Iron’. When asked about the Yeong-nam character in the film ‘Light and Iron’, which won the Actor Award at the Jeonju International Film Festival, “‘Yeong-nam’ was a person with pain that had become a fossil, and it was really difficult to approach that pain. In the film where her hard pains are broken, peeled, and collapsed one by one, Yeong-nam was a character who walked out of the typhoon after being in the eyes of a typhoon. It may seem quiet, but it was a work that required a lot of energy because it was a role that conceals pain and secrets and then pushes away at once. The director said she wanted to see Yeom Hye-ran’s new appearance, and it was a blessing that I also met this role. As an actor, she answered, “To meet an in-depth character who has to dig into the emotions that are at the very bottom.”

Among the numerous lines that Hye-ran Yeom has passed, when asked about the lines left in her heart, the line of “I don’t know me, how can I tell you?” comes to mind. Sometimes it comes to mind when I think’I’m not the only one who has it.’ And Ja-young Hong said to Dongbaek,’There is a flower field of camellia seeds in the heart of camellia’. They let weeds grow, splendid flowers bloom, and such a flower garden would be a wonderful flower garden, but Ja-young Hong is a woman who only thinks about the garden seen from the outside, so she realizes that beauty late. That line was something I wanted to say to myself and to everyone. Do not look at other people’s flower fields without taking care of the flower fields inside me. So I spit it out more carefully. In addition, I thought that the more people who have the job of being an actor and the job they can see, the better I should take care of the flower garden in my heart.”

In the question of Ja-young Hong in ‘When Camellia Blooms’, which Hye-ran Yeom was in charge of, “Because I had never played such a straight character, I was actually afraid when I started Hong Ja-young. It was a work that raised my self-esteem as an actor that finished the work well to the end. I also realized that I was the person who had the most prejudice against myself. I had a desire to act like that, but I am a round person, but can I play a nice and chic role? I doubt myself. Through this role and work, I felt that I could break down my prejudice against myself. I started thinking about whether I really am, or the one I want to show.”

Finally, when asked what kind of person Yeom Hye-ran is, “Natural Yeom Hye-ran is a person who always shakes. It became weak. I am worried that I will be disappointed if I take a photo like this and actually meet me. I just try to live like Chu Mae-ok. “I think a lot about the basic principles, duties, and responsibilities of people’s lives.” “My favorite word is’I don’t know which cloud will rain.’ Everything goes differently than I expected. So you have to be faithful to everything every day. No matter how small a job or a small role, if you play in vain, your nose will hurt. I think so.”

The movie ‘Light and Iron’ in which actor Yeom Hye-ran, who is in the heyday of ‘Yeom Hye-ran’ as she goes back and forth between drama and movie, puts a cool face on her face, is a work about two women who became entangled in a car accident by their husbands and a secret story surrounding them. 18) opened. You can find the full picture of Hye-ran Yeom and the full text of an honest interview in the March issue of ‘Arena Homme Plus’ and on the website.

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