‘Cultwo Show’ Park Seong-ho “Without money, it’s a little uncomfortable, but if there’s a lot, it’s unfortunate.”

[Intern reporter Shin Hyo-won, Daily Economy Star Today]

“Cultwo Show” comedian Park Seong-ho delivered a variety of episodes, ranging from stock investment to insurance money.

Comedian Park Seong-ho appeared as a guest in the “Cultwo Show” section of SBS Power FM, which aired on the 19th. Comedian Park Sung-kwang joined as a special DJ.

DJ Kim Tae-kyun told Park Seong-ho, “I know him as a person who did not fail, and there was an article in the October 2014 article that said, “Failed to invest in stocks after borrowing money from his wife.”

Park Seong-ho said, “It’s an article from quite a long time ago, but I was surprised to see the script. I lost money today as well. I’m doing stocks, and my ears are ringing. I bought it because someone told me to buy it even though I lost it several times. It went up at first. I got more and more greedy and left it alone, and it’s dripping. I don’t think we should do stocks.”

“I don’t remember well, but I spent 30 million won.” It was huge. The loss was 4 million won. “It breaks my heart whenever the company’s advertisement comes out,” he added.

When Kim Tae-kyun said, “When I see gagmen doing stocks, I don’t study and listen to stories around me,” Park Sung-ho said, “When I listen and live, stocks rise like a lie.” “I have faith that it will rise further, so I continue to do so,” he said. When asked, “My wife doesn’t own stocks,” he said, “It’s a secret,” drawing laughter.

“In 2005, there was an article titled ‘Entertainer Start-up Fever.’ “It’s a unique pub with an event strategy, but only the start-up articles have appeared and disappeared,” he said.

Park Seong-ho said, “The article says, ‘Sales decrease in the short term,’ but it continued to decrease in the long term.” “In fact, many comedians, including Byun Ki-soo and Yoon Hyung-bin, were involved in starting their own businesses.” When Byun Ki-soo still sees me, he says, “When will you give me 3.5 million won a month then?” “My acquaintance came and the price of the snack service was too high,” he said, drawing laughter.

On the same day, listeners sent stories about their lives that were damaged. Among them, a listener said he/she suffered losses from insurance. In response, Park Seong-ho drew attention by saying, “I terminated the life insurance I had recently, and what’s the point of my death?”

Listening to this, Park Sung-kwang asked again, “Aren’t you the head of the family?” and DJ Kim Tae-kyun wondered, “Didn’t you have an insured as your wife?” Park Seong-ho was embarrassed, saying, “Did I do something wrong?” and said, “In the old days, I had the insured myself. “I didn’t like the fact that I was arguing with money after I died.

When Kim Tae-kyun said, “Did you put the money in the stock market?” Park Seong-ho said, “It was on my mind. Did it come out?” he said, making people laugh.

Lastly, Park Seong-ho said, “It’s a little uncomfortable without money, but I’m unhappy if it’s too much.”

Park Sung-kwang said, “How much money do you have to be unhappy? When asked if he should be as good as Elon Musk, Park Seong-ho frankly said, “I envy you that much,” making the studio laugh.

Meanwhile, Park Seong-ho made his debut as KBS’s 13th public recruitment comedian in 1997. He is currently the DJ of TBS Radio’s “Twenty-fourth of Park Seong-ho’s Breeding.”


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