‘Curious Stories Y’, pursues a sex offender ‘fake PD’ while standing in college

[Reporter Lee Da-gyeom, Daily Economy Star Today]

SBS current affairs and culture program “Curious Stories Y,” which will air on the 19th, charges a man who has been pretending to be a “fake” PD for more than 15 years.

Broadcasting station PD’s call to the public phone.

Recently, a college student named Hyun-ah (a pseudonym) received a special phone call through the school. The producer, who introduced himself as a producer of famous entertainment programs for terrestrial broadcasters and is looking for college students to appear in his real variety program, has proposed a preliminary meeting to open the door to employment at the broadcasting station. However, Hyun-ah (a pseudonym) felt suspicious the more she contacted him.

“An assistant director, a public phone, a PD, a public phone, a broadcasting station, a public phone .I thought it was weird because he only called me at 02.” – an interview with Hyun-ah

It turned out that Hyun-ah (a pseudonym) was not the only one who received such a call. University students showed up everywhere when they posted a notice that they were getting a call from a suspicious PD. In addition, he asked students a strange question, asking them to have a drink first during the meeting, saying that the place where he called the students to explain the filming plan was a cafe or a pub, not a broadcasting station.

He said, “Shouldn’t there be give and take?” He asked me if I could give him this opportunity to sleep with him.” – Interviews with college students who had a meeting with a man.

A special relationship between the man and Y.

The method of impersonating a producer to call out students and ask for something was not unfamiliar. In 2012, “Curious Stories Y” accused a man who impersonated Shin Kyung-soo, SBS PD, of the controversial drama “Deep Rooted Tree.” It was the same trick as the man at that time. The man had been wearing an electronic anklet since 2005 for committing sex crimes under the guise of a producer.

Students were sharing information about the man between universities, posting warnings, and trying to prevent damage, and confirmed to us that the man was the same person as the impersonator who filed a complaint in “Curious Stories Y” in 2012. Nine years ago, he, who was a drama producer, has now reappeared as an entertainment CP.

The man who has been committing crimes with the same trick for more than 15 years. Even managed as a sex offender and wearing electronic anklets, there is really no way to stop him before any more victims come out, accusing him in “Curious Stories Y,” which airs at 9 p.m. on the 19th.


‘Curious story Y’. Photo lSBS

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