Ha Ri-soo, anger at smishing text “things like cockroaches”

[Intern reporter Kim Yeji on Daily Economy Star Today]

Singer Ha Ri-soo expressed anger at the scammer who sent a smishing text.

On the 19th, Ha Ri-soo opened a statement on her Instagram on the 19th, saying, “I have to change the number… really these cockroaches and things like this. Smishing and voicing phishing are constant.”

She added, “I’m really sorry, but I have done double security for not only the anti-hacking security web but also the VPN virus program on my phone, and I don’t get caught in this crappy thing!”

She posted a picture, saying, “How important is the number I use for a long time to my credit… I am seriously thinking about how to change the number. ‘[Overseas call] Lee Kyung-eun. 523,900 won completed. It was a screenshot of the text that said, ‘If it’s not me, contact the customer.’

On the 17th, Ha Ri-soo announced that she had almost been hacked into her social media account through her Instagram. She appears to be under great stress enough to consider changing her number after repeated attempts to hack personal information.

On the other hand, Ha Ri-soo appeared on MBN ‘Trot Fighter’ on the 10th and held a performance showdown with broadcaster Hong Seok-cheon.


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