iKON’s new song title is ‘Why why why’…Emotional charisma’Mulsin’

[Reporter Lee Da-gyeom, Daily Economy Star Today]

Group iKON’s complete comeback schedule was unveiled, and global fans’ expectations were soaring, and their new song title was revealed for the first time.

According to YG Entertainment on the 19th, iKON’s new digital single title is ‘Why Why Why’. The story in a concise but impactful three-letter title arouses curiosity.

The six members of the icons in the poster to announce this gave off a calm and warm atmosphere. The background with vintage colors and the dandy styling of the members harmonized with the cursive typography, giving off an emotional atmosphere.

This is the highlight of iKON’s colorful aspects that showed all-black charisma in the previous teaser. In particular, the eyes of those who have both softness and strength make the viewers immerse themselves with a strange charm.

The sound source and music video of iKON’s ‘Why Why Why’ will be released on March 3 at 6 pm. As iKON is returning to a complete body with a new song in about a year, a hot response from global fans is expected.

Reorganized into a group of 6, iKON established a new direction for the group through the third mini-album ‘i DECIDE’ released in February last year. At the time, this album topped the iTunes charts in 24 countries including Japan. In addition, it has confirmed its unchanging global popularity by rising to the top of major Chinese music sites.

IKON, who debuted in 2015, has produced a number of outstanding hit songs such as ‘My TYPE’, ‘LOVE SCENARIO’, and ‘KILLING ME’.

The members’ musical growth was also outstanding. Kim Dong-hyuk showed off his first self-composed song in his third mini-album, giving him a peek at his own distinct sensibility, and Barbie showed off a wider world of music by participating in the lyrics and composition of the entire 2nd solo album. In this activity, iKON, who has been constantly challenging and growing, is paying attention to what changes and attempts will surprise the public.

On the other hand, iKON confirmed to appear in the Mnet boy group survival ‘Kingdom’, which will be aired for the first time on April 1, and announced an outstanding performance.


Icon title poster. PhotoslYG Entertainment

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