‘Let’s Live Together’ Seonwoo Jae-deok “Kim Cheong had unrequited love when he was a child”

[Reporter Yang So-young on the Daily Economy Star Today]

Kim Cheong’s old friend, Seonwoo Jae-deok, visits Namhae.

In season 3 of KBS2’s ‘Let’s Live Together’ broadcast on the 22nd, Kim Cheong’s boyfriend, the youngest member, visits Namhae and makes the sisters flirt.

On this day, the youngest Kim Cheong, who was on an outing with Park Won-sook, secretly answered the phone and then continued to show suspicious behavior, such as trying to send Park Won-sook home. As a result, Park Won-sook began to question Kim Cheong, saying, “Are you not a man?”

Then Park Won-sook, who came home alone, started a reasoning about Kim Cheong’s boyfriend with Hye-eun, Kim Young-ran, who is at home. The person who won Kim Cheong is Seonwoo Jae-deok, an old friend and colleague, the representative actor of the middle-aged flower.

Seonwoo Jae-deok was a person who mentioned that “I had unrequited love for Kim Cheong as a child” in the past. Kim Cheong and Seonwoo Jae-deok conspired to surprise the sisters who knew nothing. What is the reaction of the older sisters?

‘Let’s Live Together with Park Won-sook’ season 3 will be broadcast on KBS2 at 8:30 pm on the 22nd.


Photo courtesy of KBS
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