‘Luca: The Beginning’ Kim Rae-won, ‘Mello Craftsman’ followed by ‘Action Craftsman’

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Kim Rae-won of “Luca: The Beginning” is leading the positive reviews by showing off his potential.

tvN’s Monday-Tuesday drama “Luca: The Beginning” (written by Chun Sung-il, directed by Kim Hong-sun) marks a turning point with Ji-oh’s awakening. The anger of the “first successful” Ji-oh (Kim Rae-won), who learned all the truth and the reality of Human Tech, filled with ambition to create new people and dominate the world, heightened the sense of crisis. On top of that, Ji-oh’s counterattack, which devastated Human Tech, gave a shock and thrill beyond imagination.

Chasers of madness chasing Ji-oh with their own desires, and Ji-oh’s lonely dialect, branded as a “monster” because of his special ability, are creating sympathy beyond intense chase action. Ji-oh’s special narrative was completed through Kim Rae-won’s passionate performance. Kim Rae-won’s true value is shining while maintaining the taste of breathtaking chase action. Not only did he lose 10 kilograms for his character, but he also made efforts to build his body through exercise and action practice. In response, we pointed out the action scenes of Kim Rae-won, who became a “action master” beyond “Melo master.”

# The beginning of evolution begins! Elevator → a breathtaking chase to the subway

Ji-oh, who lost all his memory and opened his eyes, became chased by unidentified people without knowing why. Ji-oh’s extreme survival machine, which runs away from Lee Son (played by Kim Sung-oh), who is constantly tightening himself, chased the rooftop of the city, and carried out non-stop action from the hospital elevator to the closed subway platform, enthusiasticizing viewers. In particular, the elevator action, which the production team and actors talked about as the best scene, was combined with meticulous directing, film-like camera moving, and Kim Rae-won’s powerful acting to create the best scene. It was also the moment of evolution when Ji-oh, who only hid his abilities and ran away, used his abilities to protect someone for the first time. Kim Rae-won led the rave reviews by delicately expressing the lonely and desperate emotional lines of Ji-oh, a fugitive who is threatened with his life every moment with his swirling action.

# Level up! Kim Rae-won and Kim Sung-oh’s anger escape.

Fately intertwined with Goo-reum(Lee Da-hee) to chase past memories, Ji-oh felt extreme fear on the sudden rise of the experimental table. Ji-oh pushed back Goo-reum in his memory. Since then, Ji-oh, who has visited her only friend Won-won (Ahn Chang-hwan), has become chased again by his betrayal. After struggling with a special human tech team, Ji-oh realized that he was faster and stronger than before. As Ji-oh’s ability has evolved, the action that Kim Rae-won has to pull off has become more bold. In particular, the scene where Ji-oh, who had been knocked out by Yuna (Jeong Da-eun)’s surprise attack, was exploding in the pain of her past memories gave an inseparable intensity. Ji-oh overpowered this hand, overturned the car, and escaped. Kim Rae-won, who expressed Ji-oh’s emptiness walking out of the exploding car behind her, showed off her potential by proving that she was “Kim Rae-won as expected.”

# Awakening → Fight back anger! Kim Rae-won’s runaway ending, which devastated Human Tech.

Ji-oh, who predicted an all-out war, said he would no longer run away, stood in front of Human Tech, which had all the secrets in a thrilling reverse chase. Ji-oh, who was taken to the HumanTech laboratory after a fierce battle with Ison, had to suffer from a terrible experiment. Just before his death, Ji-ohrecalled his promise with Goo-reum, “If I’m not dead and alive, I’ll come to you,” and escaped from the laboratory with the help of Ryu Joong-kwon (information). Ryu Joong-kwon tricked everyone and replaced the syringe to administer the reinforcer. Angered, Ji-oh blew up Human Tech with tremendous destructive power. Kim Rae-won expressed Ji-oh’s limitless transcendent power with his whole body, enhancing his character’s persuasion. It is an important ending where Ji-oh’s anger explodes after learning the whole truth and an important inflection point for a counterattack by exploding uncontrollable power. Ji-oh and Kim Rae-won’s intense acting, awakened with revenge for the “monster-like humans” they met at Human Tech, completely dominated the screen.

In particular, Kim Rae-won confirmed her amazing acting passion by putting her heart and soul into the appearance of the desperate situation in which Ji-oh, who was abandoned alone in the world, is fighting to survive.

Having the transcendent power to turn the world upside down, Ji-oh is at a crossroads. Expectations are high on what the real purpose of Ryu Jung-kwon, who saved Ji-oh, will be, where Ji-oh’s fate, which has been reborn as a more powerful being, will be hotter in the second act.

tvN’s Monday-Tuesday drama “Luca: The Beginning” airs every Monday and Tuesday at 9 p.m.



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