Tasty talk of the owner of ‘2’o clock’s Date’ Lee Kuk-joo and the owner of ‘Gukju Pocha’ #Ahn Young-mi #Tip on snacks

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Comedian Lee Kuk-joo handed over tips on cooking.

On the 19th, MBC FM4U’s “2’o clock’s Date, Ahn Young-mi and Muzie” a guest appearance was made in the corner “You’re an expert.”

DJ Muzie introduced Lee Kuk-ju, saying, “Lee Kuk-joo loves cooking and people so much,” and Ahn Young-mi welcomed, “Lee Kuk-joo, a comedian as fresh as beer, came.” One listener also sent a real-time text message saying, “I listened to it a lot when you did ‘Young Street,’ but it’s new to see it like this.”

Lee Kuk-joo was loved by listeners by hosting SBS Power FM “Young Street of Lee Kuk-ju” from 2015 to December 2018. Lee Kuk-joo said, “At that time, Ahn Young-mi appeared as a regular guest, and I had a hard time.” Ahn Young-mi kept dancing strange dances,” he recalled.

When Muzie asked, “I wonder how the two became close,” Lee Kuk-joo said, “I met Ahn Young-mi on tvN’s “Comedy Big League. When I first met her, she was such a big senior that I didn’t think about getting close to him. But as time went by, she treated me comfortably, so we became close. Now I feel like I have to protect you. “My clothes keep falling down,” she said, drawing laughter from listeners.

DJ Ahn Young-mi said, “I didn’t think I was a junior when I first saw her. He’s such a good friend. And he is the first junior to me. Other juniors kept avoiding my seat when I appeared.”

“I heard that gag is not all that connected the two,” Muzie said. I heard there were a lot of drinking parties, is there any interesting episode to introduce?” “We can’t introduce Lee Kuk-ju on TV. When I had an interview with the writer in advance, I drew this question and removed it. Ahn Young-mi plays better than I imagined. It’s embarrassing to say things with my own mouth.”

When Ahn Young-mi asked, “I’m working with comedian Lee Sang-joon after I left “Comedy Big League,” Lee Kuk-joo said, “In fact, Lee Sang-joon is more comfortable.” Ahn Young-mi is too chubby. “I can’t control it. Ahn Young-mi said, “In fact, Kuk-ju is really good at making things as planned. I can’t do that. I want to keep doing ad-libs. “I’m a performance girl.”

“These days, I also run a YouTube channel,” the magazine said. “What do you make a video with?”

“I do a variety of things,” said Lee Kuk-ju. “I made a channel when Kang Yu-mi started YouTube, so I’ve made videos with so many different contents so far. I’m going to film a dance video and upload a Vlog.”

“But the thing that subscribers like the most is when I eat foods while doing makeup. I think that’s my daily life, but people are funny. I ate egg rice because I was hungry while doing makeup. But the video got a lot of views. I uploaded a similar video just in case, but the view count exploded again. It was almost a million views. “People think it’s funny that there are brushes and chopsticks together,” she said, drawing laughter from listeners.

Muzie said, “What should I do to make delicious side dishes? When asked to give us a secret recipe, Lee Kuk-joo said, “If you want to make a dish without failure, look at Baek Jong-won’s recipe and follow it. There’s nothing much. That’s the best. My mother also believes in Baek Jong-won’s recipe,” she said.

“There’s one more thing. Don’t try to do anything more. In case of octopus sukhoe, you can blanch the octopus and eat it only with water parsley, sesame oil, and salt. “Why do we add anything else?” she said.

“The other thing is, don’t give it to me without being drunk,” he said. “I’m not a chef, so I can’t make the best dish. Therefore, when customers come to my house, I give them beer first with a welcome drink,” she said, drawing laughter by revealing a great tip.

When Muzie asked, “Who is running ‘Kukju Pocha’ at home?’, Lee Kuk-joo said, “First of all, the guest of ‘Kukju Pocha’ is a secret guarantee.” “A model came and a singer came,” she said. “One of the guests known is Na Yoon-kwon. “I came to my house and sang a song,” she said, drawing envy from the two guests. In May last year, Lee Kuk-joo boasted of her visit to “Kuk-ju’s Packing Car” by singer Na Yoon-kwon and group My Name Kang In-soo on Instagram.

“It’s really hard to say that it’s so easy to invite you to cook. “It’s amazing,” said Lee Kuk-ju, “I’m already exhausted when I’m done. “I went to sleep the next day and woke up to clean up my seat.”

On the same day, Lee Kuk-ju was selected as a side dish for each main dish. For cool beer, I recommended snacks, yellow corvina, squid noodles, and seasoned noodles, while for soju, I recommended braised back ribs, fried eggs, and pancakes. It is good to eat yukjeon, fried dumplings, and samgyetang for makgeolli, and cheese or tteokbokki for wine.”

Later in the broadcast, Lee Kuk-ju said, “Time really flew. I heard that the two DJs are working out hard these days. I have to work out too, but I can’t.
I’ll just aim to eat less. Muzie said, “I will buy you hiking boots. “Let’s go hiking with Young-mi,” he said, wrapping up the show with a warm heart.

Meanwhile, Lee Kuk-joo is showing off her unrivaled presence in tvN’s entertainment show ‘Comedy Big League’.


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