‘Future Class’ Is Bitcoin the currency of the future or a fund for investment?

[Reporter Jeong-eun Sung on Daily Economy Star Today]

Bitcoin, is it the currency of the future, or is it a speculative product?

On the 22nd, tvN’s “Future Class” (directed by Park Ji-eun and Kim Kyung-up) will give a lecture on the theme of “Money Changes the Game, Next Money.” Park Soo-yong, a computer engineering professor at Sogang University, who also serves as the second chairman of the Korean Blockchain Association, will be a lecturer to solve the questions surrounding “Next Money.”

Cryptocurrency, which had started to catch its breath since the Bitcoin craze in 2017, is reviving in the Korona19 Pandemic situation and is on the rise. While Bitcoin prices have recently surpassed $50,000 per unit, hitting new highs every day, voices of expectation and concern for the future of virtual currencies have emerged at the same time. Therefore, the broadcast will have time to explore whether cryptocurrency is a currency of the future or a speculative product.

CEO Kim Seo-joon explains that the nature of the U.S. “Game Stop” scandal, in which hedge funds and individual investors competed for unprecedented power, is in line with the birth of Bitcoin. Bitcoin, which appeared in 2008, and the GameStop incident in January all stemmed from distrust toward the traditional financial system. While predicting the future economy with transparent and reliable cryptocurrency, it is expected to add benefits by delivering investment advice for highly volatile cryptocurrency.

Professor Park Soo-yong continues to make sharp analyses on blockchain technology, which is the basis of cryptocurrency. It provides detailed information on the principles of blockchain technology, the value of Bitcoin as currency, and the future of central bank-issued digital currency (CBDC) and cryptocurrency. Economic YouTubers “Shin Sa-im-dang,” Hong Seok-cheon, Kim Ji-min, Lee Hyun and Daniel, who attended the “Next Money” lecture, which changes the game of money, are said to have expressed their interest more actively than ever.

tvN’s “Future Class” is a monthly lecture program that listens to the wisdom of scholars of our time and explores new ways of life in the post-Corona world. Marking the post-corona era, scholars from various fields of our time will give lectures on our lives, which will change to the most curious topics every month, including vaccines and education.


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