‘Handon Ambassadors’ Baek Jong-won x Park Se-ri, TV commercials released

[Reporter Jeong-eun Sung on Daily Economy Star Today]

The two generations of Baek Jong-won and Pak Se-ri joined the advertisement for our pigs.

On the 22nd, the Handon Self-Governing Fund Management Committee (hereinafter referred to as Handon Self-Got Money) released an advertisement for the 2021 TV campaign. In the TV campaign advertisement ‘Recharge with Handon’, an existing ambassador Baek Jong-won and a new ambassador Park Se-ri appeared as models in the TV campaign advertisement to promote consumption of hind legs.

In the advertisement, Baek Jong-won conducted a variety of dishes using hind legs suitable for the moment when the back heart was needed, and Park Se-ri played an active part in the appearance of filling the back heart with one money from morning to dinner, taking advantage of the recent eating concept.

‘Recharge with Handon’ Campaign advertisements can be viewed on TV, as well as through SNS channels such as Handon.com website and Handon YouTube.

Earlier, Handon Jajogeum appointed Pak Se-ri as the ‘2021 Handon PR Ambassador’ and held a 2021 Handon PR Ambassador appointment ceremony on the 5th. Chairman Ha Tae-sik of Handon Self-Geum delivered an appointment plaque and urged them to work together to make Handon more loved by the people. In particular, at this commissioning ceremony, a bunch of money made with one money instead of a bouquet was presented, attracting the attention of officials.

Park Se-ri said, “As a person who likes meat most of all, pork, it is a great honor to be appointed as an ambassador for handon in 2021.”


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