‘Individual traders’ Chapter 3’Cars’ released on the 24th

[Reporter Jeong-eun Sung on Daily Economy Star Today]

Chapter 3 of “Individual traders” will be released on the 24th.

Every Wednesday at 7 a.m., Korea’s representative stock entertainment show <Individual traders>, which provides not only stock investment information but also laughter, will return to chapter 3.

Kakao M announced that it will release Chapter 3 of “Individual traders” for the first time on Kakao TV at 7 a.m. on the 24th (Wednesday). “Individual traders are also a real-life stock investment show that points out A to Z so that people can wisely invest in stocks that have emerged hot in the era of ultra-low interest rates, and is loved for providing useful investment information with pleasant laughter.

In particular, the cast of the four Individual traders, like other investors who are common around them, is giving laughter by pouring out unusual investment tendencies and net investment stories that explode like potted water, while growing together as a “stock mate” of Korean Stock beginners. Starting with Noh Hong-cheol, who shows “Red Van Honey” magic by losing stocks, real estate and virtual currency, the activities of the four extraordinary Individual traders, including the indomitable “Short term Investor” DinDin, Kim Jong-min, a genius of “Investor who are beholden to others’ advice,” and the U.S., which has rapidly grown from stock newborns to No. 1 in return, are drawing sympathy.

Following Chapter 1, “Basic Part,” which delivers basic information on investment, “Individual traders,” which began in December, will wrap up Chapter 2 under the theme of “Contactless” in early February, and start Chapter 3 under the theme of “Car” on the 24th (Wed).

“Car” is drawing attention as a hot issue in recent stock investment trends, as car-related stocks were often mentioned in previous chapters 1 and 2. In particular, as it can expand not only hot keywords such as electric vehicles, self-driving cars, and eco-friendly cars, but also a wide range of related fields such as car manufacturing and secondary batteries, many beginners are already looking forward to what deep knowledge and information will be released under the theme of cars in Chapter 3.

In addition, in Chapter 3 of “Individual traders,” theories for more advanced stock investments will be covered, including how to organize portfolios and how to target low-value blue-chip stocks. It is also expected to be an interesting point to watch how much more the four Individual traders, who have been sticking to their own investment methods and recorded higher returns through tips from expert mentors. In addition, fresh and informative information and various investment stories are expected to unfold as unexpected guests who are good at stocks as well as experts who fit the topic will appear as a surprise.

On the other hand, “Individual traders” will hold a live talk on YouTube channel with Kakao TV and Sampro TV’s economic god at 4 p.m. on the 24th, when Chapter 3 was first released, and will communicate with beginners. From four Individual traders, including Noh Hong-cheol, DinDin, Kim Jong-min, and Mi-Joo, to Kim Pro, and Shuka Mentor, the cast of “Individual traders” will all join together to talk about a variety of things to be covered in Chapter 3.

You can send questions in advance through Kakao TV’s official SNS or participate in real-time through an open chat window on the same day. As there have been many questions about which stocks the four Individual traders have invested in through SNS, and mentors have been curious about how to invest, a lot of attention is being paid to the live broadcast, in which the cast and mentors directly answer in real time.


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