Lee Ji-ah “I’m surprised to see the script of ‘Penthouse 2’”…Do you appear? (‘All The Butlers’)

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In ‘All The Butlers’, Kim So-yeon, Yujin, and Lee Ji-ah drew attention with their passion and sincerity toward “acting.”

According to Nielsen Korea, the SBS entertainment program “All The Butlers,” which aired on the 21st, continued to rise to 6.9% (based on the second part of the metropolitan area), and the “2049 target audience rating”, which is a hot topic and competitiveness index, continued to rise to 8.3%.

In the broadcast, Kim So-yeon revealed the behind-the-scenes story of Chun Seo-jin, the piano god of “Penthouse,” which drew much attention. Kim So-yeon played the piano herself without any strings attached. “I’m not good at playing the piano. “I played the first part of the chopstick march,” she said. “I learned it from my oldest sister through a video call. “I’m embarrassed that I can’t read music,” she said. “I was surprised to hear that he memorized the music through her mouth.

She then reenacted her piano performance at the time. Kim So-yeon, who played the piano for the first time in half a year, said, “My hands are shaking,” but she performed as well as in the drama, which gave a gauge of how much practice she played.

In addition, Lee Seung-gi recalled the moment when Lee Ji-ah, who plays Shim Soo-ryeon, revealed the culprit who killed her daughter with a scene deeply embedded in her mind. This is a scene that has a shocking twist with just three letters. In response, Lee Ji-ah said, “I really thought about that feeling a lot, but I thought it would be impressive to express it calmly.”

Lee Ji-ah then said, “I didn’t know (whether it was a villain) about Oh Yoon-hee, played by Yujin. “It was a shock. I was the most surprised when I cheated on Dan-tae,” she said. “I felt betrayed when I saw the script,” she said, drawing laughter as he still looked emotional.

Lee Ji-ah then said, “When actors gather, they are almost wrong in reasoning about their works,” and Yujin also said, “Everyone makes a guess, but they are wrong.” “It’s unexpected,” he said. Yang Se-hyung said, “Then did you get surprised when you read the script for season 2?” and added, “Under the table.” This is because there is a lot of attention on whether Lee Ji-ah will appear in Season 2.

Lee Ji-ah looked surprised after answering “Sure.” In response, the members rushed in, saying, “Isn’t Shim Soo-ryeon coming out in season 2?” and Lee Ji-ah, who explained, “It’s not like that,” showed her hot charm, saying, “Do you want a refreshing spoiler?”

Since then, the coffee truck rally has begun. Following the warm-up game, a character quiz was held, and black history was released from Lee Seung-gi’s rookie stage, Yujin’s video of S.E.S. and Kim So-yeon’s video of playing a villain.

“It gives me goose bumps,” said Lee Seung-gi, who heard the problem. When the answer came out, he said, “Can I go out for a while?” and said, “I love everything about me, but it’s a video that my family can’t watch either.”

A video of Kim So-yeon playing a villain in the drama “Everything about Eve” was also released. Kim So-yeon said she practiced with an announcer for accurate pronunciation at that time. When asked about her most memorable acting practice, Kim So-yeon chose action. When she was cast in the drama “Iris,” she spent a lot of time at the gym as well as action training. She said she did not stop working out even though he was injured during the shooting. “I have 12 stitches left,” Kim said. “I went to the gym that day, too,” she said, surprising everyone.

Meanwhile, the ‘best minute’ was won by the youngest Cha Eun-woo. Cha Eun-woo’s video of live communication with fans appeared in the quiz on the day, and he had to guess the answer to the fan that “Eun-woo came out in his dream.” Cha Eun-woo couldn’t raise his head as if he was embarrassed by his appearance in the video, and the members teased Cha Eun-woo by trying to guess the answer, such as “You must have woken up excitedly,” “I’ll go tonight,” and “Are you still dreaming?”

The answer is Shin Sung-rok’s ‘What did you do with me?’ In the video of the answer released, Cha Eun-woo shot out “fatal beauty,” and the scene was flipped over by the unexpected appearance of the youngest. Cha Eun-woo, who is embarrassed by his video, and the members, who seem excited to tease the youngest, drew laughter and took up the “best minute” with 8.3 percent viewership per minute.

The three actors showed a burning desire to win the match, and the victory went to Kim So-yeon’s team. Lastly, when asked about “one line of flogging yourself,” Lee Ji-ah commented, “I can’t think of any actor other than Lee Ji-ah in the psychological training,” and said, “It was the biggest compliment I could receive as an actor.” “It means that I want to become an irreplaceable actor in the future. I felt that much weight.”

Kim So-yeon said, “This scene is not coming back. “Practice is the only way to live,” she said. “I’m always thinking about it to be a stimulus to myself.” Lastly, Eugene said, “Let’s be more sincere Oh Yoon-hee today than yesterday,” adding, “The sincerity goes in and the truth goes in. It looks like the way I want to go. I will become a more sincere person in the future,” she said, expressing her sincerity and passion for acting.


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